Google Drive on BB10? Can it be?



Okay so Google did not have some change of heart where they decided to provide the Google Drive app for BlackBerry 10. But its not all bad news as you will see if you continue reading.

Recently I began working as a Logistics Manager for a large specialty crop export company with plants and operations throughout Saskatchewan and a head office in Ontario.  I came to find out that Google drive and Google apps were a large part of the operation.  There are many spreadsheet and documents that were being shared among several employees in the organization making it simple to adjust on the fly without having to make everyone aware as they can just look on the shared docs to see any changes in shipping plans, contract, etc.

I spent several months trying to find an appropriate alternative for the Google Drive app which require Google Play Services as many of you are likely already aware.  I tried many 3rd party apps both in BlackBerry World and Amazon.  Many of these were very well done apps but all had one thing in common.  They allowed me to view documents but I was unable to edit so everyone else could view any changes I made to the shared documents.  This rendered the apps somewhat useless for my needs.

Then enter:


In my growing frustration I was asking  many people I knew including our trusty UTB BBM group if they had heard of an alternative that would achieve what I was looking for. Then lo and behold one day a message pop up in our group from Dave.  “Hey Ray, were you looking for a Google Drive alternative? Check out the Android version of Docs to go”.  Right away I headed over to the Amazon app store. And there it was, a free version and a fully featured paid version.

I instantly downloaded the app and sure enough, it provided everything I needed. I went back and downloaded the fully paid version as I wanted all features.  Now I was able to view all the docs I needed.  The ones I shared, the ones shared with me, and the kicker, I was able to edit them right on my Passport and others were able to view the edits.  Yes I paid $4.99 for the app but its worth every penny.  And here is the best part, some of these documents are very large yet they load extremely quickly on the Passport.  In fact, they load faster than they do on a coworker’s Google Nexus phone running the native Google Drive app.

So there you have it folks.  If Google Drive is something you require then I urge you to head over to the Amazon app store and grab Docs to Go.  It is now by far my most used app as I am on a road a lot and need access to all of these documents.

Edit: please note that regular price for the app is $9.99 and its currently on sale for $4.99. Thanks to our channel member Albert for making us aware.