Google To Delete Android Apps over Privacy Policy

Google to remove apps which don’t follow privacy standards.

It wasn’t too long ago that a major selling factor of a phone operating system was how many apps were available to it. BlackBerry users know this fact all too well. Google may soon be deleting millions of apps from the Google Play Store. Privacy minded BlackBerry users should be very happy about this news.

Google is sending notices to android developers globally, informing them that they will be limiting visibility, and even removing apps from the Google Play Store which violate Google’s User Data Policy.

The issue which Google is addressing with these apps is a lack of a privacy policy. Google’s User Data Policy require developers submit a valid privacy policy, especially if an app deals with sensitive information. That sensitive information includes both user and device information. If the app requires permissions to camera, microphone, accounts, contacts, or to the phone application, then the makers of those apps must include a privacy policy.

Apps which have been abandoned by developers, and we all know there are absolutely tons of these apps, or apps who’s developers refuse to provide a valid privacy policy, will soon find themselves removed from the Google Play Store.

And that is a good thing. It is important that users should be informed of what these apps are doing with their information, and this a great step by Google being taken in the right direction.

Developers have until March 15th to submit their privacy policy.



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