Google Dashboard – what is it & what can it do?


Many of us using BBOS, BB10, or BlackDroid have used Google or one of its’ services over the years. While their services can be helpful, they come at a cost. You see Google does not exist to provide us with a search engine or email – their main purpose is as a data gathering, mining and packaging conglomerate.

Because of this, some folks choose not to use their services as they value their privacy. So if you’re wondering what types of information they have on you and how to change that look no further than the Google Dashboard. According to ZDNet

The Dashboard is the place where Google shows users a snapshot of the Google services they use and what data it’s collecting, such as Maps location history, photos stored, search history, and YouTube history.

Once you log into Google and open the Dashboard select My Activity and you will see a menu appearing on the left side of your mobile device. Options include:

Delete Activity By – ‘All Time‘ is one choice you may want to consider

Other Google Activity – reveals another menu where you can delete items and have the option to TURN OFF ADS!!

Activity controls – additional menu options to turn off

My Account – allows you to set and control other options including Sign-In, Personal Info, and Account Settings.

All-in-all while I’m not a big fan of how Google collects and uses the information that is out in the ether I’m glad the Dashboard gives me some options to control what’s out there.




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