Google Chrome is About to Become My Favorite Browser

Say what you will about Google Chrome, but it’s getting close to bringing my must have feature.

Writing these blog posts doesn’t really take that much time. Sure, some people can turn a blog post into a near encyclopedia page of information, and that’s a pretty impressive feat. But for me, it really comes down to just stream of consciousness typing what I’m thinking at the moment (which also explains my role as the king of typos). There is another part of doing these posts that takes up a lot of time, and I do mean a whole lot of time. That is reading. We read a lot. We scour the web for any bit of info that we think may be of interest to our readers.

Most people have their favorite websites that they visit. I have my favorite websites as well. But I also scour an amazing amount of websites that I would not consider favored, or even liked. My browser is my most used app on my phone and on my PC. With this amount of web browsing, I have developed a real annoyance. Something which makes me want to never return to a site again, if I can help it. That annoyance is auto-playing videos.

I can be surfing websites looking for stories while holding a conversation, or watching television, or listening to music or podcasts. Generally speaking, there’s never a time that I’m just surfing the web. Now, why would anyone assume that I am? Why would anyone assume that I would want a video to start playing in the background, often unseen, yet still blasting out sound that gets in the way of other things that I am doing? I don’t want that, and II wish they would stop assuming I did.

Because of these videos, I tend to keep my media volume on my phone, and main volume on my PC muted. This can be a real annoyance at those times when I actually do want to hear something and I need to go turn my volume up so that can. I know, this is a minor thing, but when you have to do it every time, it becomes fairly major.

Google is attempting to make my world a better place. Ok fine, they don’t even know who I am. But they are planning on making the world of Google Chrome users a better place. How are they doing this? By giving users the ability to mute websites.

The Google Chrome team is currently experimenting with the ability to mute and unmute a website directly from the page info button from within Google Chrome. Granted, this isn’t my perfect scenario, you can’t just mute your browsing experience. Instead, you have to mute on a per page basis. Now, as long as my mute preferences remain, I’ll be exceptionally happy. I can see a day on the horizon, where I can have my PC volume set to a comfortable level, and never hear an unwanted video playing in the background. That will be a beautiful day. And a day that can’t come soon enough. Google Chrome could finally have a must-have feature. Come on Google, stop experimenting and bring it.

source: Google


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