Google to Block JavaScript Attachments Next Month

Google will soon block JavaScript attachments from Gmail. For our protection.

Google has announced that JavaScript (.js) attachments in email beginning February 13. This file type is being added to a growing list of file types which Google blocks from Gmail for due to security concerns. This block will occur even if the file is packed away in a zipped file.

If a user attempts to attach this file type to an outgoing message, a warning shall appear explaining the reason why the message cannot be sent. For those that are to receive the message, the user shall receive a bounce message explaining that the message was blocked and why.

If Gmail users need to send or receive JavaScript files, they can do so via Google Drive, or Google Cloud storage. These services run a security scan of files before they will download.

Unfortunately, JavaScript has been increasingly used in the delivery of malware. Naked Security posted a great article explaining how this works back in April. You can read that post here. It’s nice to see Google being proactive on a security issue that can affect any of us. Hopefully other email providers shall follow suit.



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