Google & Apple, a Partnership Made in He…


Apple has reportedly signed a deal worth $400 million and $600 million to utilize Google’s cloud services. This deal between the two tech giant’s may turn out to be a very scary thing.

Apple seemingly doesn’t like competition. During the eBook fiasco, Apple attempted to change the way eBooks are priced. Their target at that time was primarily Amazon. However Apple is a customer of Amazon. Apple has previously been using Amazon Web Services cloud offerings. It’s not that surprising to see Apple go up against business partners. Just ask Apple supplier Samsung about that, if they ever make it out of court.


If Apple replaces Amazon’s services with Google we could see a real change in the tech landscape. There is big money in these cloud services. A Google executive has previously stated that by 2020, Google could be making more money from it’s cloud services than it does from it’s advertising services. In the world of android apps, Amazon offers an option for those that don’t wish to use Google. This deal could prove to be quite a win for Google, winning new business while a competitor takes a large loss.

Personally, I’m more frightened of what a deal between Apple and Google could do to the mobile landscape. The two most successful platforms, whom at this point are really only in competition against each other, now working together?  Both these platforms have been seeing incremental updates at best, for the last several years. The only true mobile innovation has been coming from the smaller players, trying to find their customer base. A true partnership between Google and Apple could lead to very bad boring things for the mobile landscape.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, Apple is much like it’s products, in that it doesn’t work well with others. Perhaps I shouldn’t worry after all?

Source: Business Insider


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