Google & Android Can Provide BlackBerry Security? Don’t Make Me Laugh…

bank robbery

Once upon a time in a land far away there was a little company called Google.

And they fooled many people into becoming their data drones by giving away something called Android.

And phone manufacturers and carriers were lovingly complicit in this as they made loads of money.

By selling the phones that made the people into data drones.

And the people thought it was all ok because it was ‘just a phone’ and gave Google lots and lots of lovely data.

Along with all the other people that Google allowed to take their details too.

And lots of people got hacked and had malware on their phones, even to the point of it taking money directly from their bank accounts, but everyone laughed and said ‘well, that’s a shame, but you know how these things are!’

So Google made Android something called Knox (to make it sound REALLY secure) so they could take businesses data too without their knowledge.

Along with all their third party friends.

And NOW they make out that it is as good as what BlackBerry can provide.





John Chen has been very polite on the subject today on the official Inside BlackBerry blog – as polite as he can be…

Google Secures Android for Businesses: Right Direction – But Far From Enough

You might’ve seen the news: at Google’s I/O developer conference today, the company said it would do several things to boost Android’s security. Most prominently, this includes separating work and personal apps and data in coming versions of Android by leveraging Samsung’s KNOX containerization technology.

I’m delighted by this first step. The need to improve Android’s security was clear. And it validates what we at BlackBerry have been saying all along about the potential perils that businesses face in the BYOD era.

KNOX does help to shore up Android’s gaps. Like our own BlackBerry Balance, it uses containers to protect confidential work apps and data by segregating them from personal data. But KNOX hasn’t been widely adopted – fewer than 2 million Samsung phones are actually running KNOX today. Meanwhile, tens of millions of BlackBerry devices are trusted every day by Fortune 1000 firms worldwide. Our BES software dominates the enterprise mobility management (EMM) space, with more business customers than our top three competitors combined.

And while KNOX tries to build a fortress upon an insecure foundation, BlackBerry’s entire infrastructure – not just Balance, but every single component – is constructed upon a multi-decade bedrock of mobile management and security expertise.

“BlackBerry is still the gold standard,” Strategy Analytics analyst Kevin Burden told eWeek in April. “We know that to be true—on device encryption, the transfer of data … it’s all there.”

BlackBerry architects security into every single layer, from our BlackBerry 10-enabled devices (which, by the way, can securely run your Android apps) to the networks upon which your messages and data travel, to our secure messaging platform BBM Protected to the BES management software. It’s why we have won 45 security certifications, more than any other vendor, including the only coveted “Full Operational Capability” certificate to run on U.S. Department of Defense networks to a mobile vendor.

While we agree that demand for mobile security and EMM is growing by leaps and bounds, we also think that CIOs are looking to place their faith in known, proven quantities. “BlackBerry was MDM before anyone knew what MDM meant,” wrote Forrester Research analyst Tyler Shields last month. “Security was baked into the BlackBerry devices and BES system at design time and will continue to add business value above and beyond the commoditized MDM components…BlackBerry will remain a leader in the hardware security and device management arena.”

Our track record and quality doesn’t come at an exorbitant cost. Strategy Analytics declared BES10 to have the lowest Total Cost of Ownership over 5 years of all EMM packages. Nor do you have to sacrifice on flexibility. BES is fully cross-platform. In addition to BlackBerry devices, BES can manage iPhones, Android devices and, soon, Windows Phone devices.

No wonder that we serve all 5 of the world’s largest global oil and gas businesses, all of the top 10 pharmaceutical, automotive and law firms, all 7 of the G7 governments, and 16 of the G20 governments. And with migration programs such as EZ Pass, we’re attracting thousands of new customers representing 1.2 million workers – with 10% of those coming wins coming from MDM vendors.

At BlackBerry, our entire focus is on making workers more productive, and organizations more secure. While we applaud Google and Samsung for their plans, we don’t think it’s enough for security-minded enterprises. Instead, look to companies that have literally invested 3 decades into advancing the twin causes of security and productivity. In other words, don’t be dazzled by those who can talk the security talk. Instead, look to the company that has proven repeatedly it can walk the walk.

If you want to be a committed Androidian and root and custom ROM and whatever the hell else you want to do whilst being an unpaid Google slave then, my friends, that’s up to you.

Don’t you dare start messing with the security of MY MONEY and try and make out you’re playing with the big boys.

Because as the frands and hacks increase, we’ll ALL pay for it in less products and increased insurance costs.

A friend of mine had £7,000 taken out of his business account last week.

The ONLY thing that everyone KNEW (including the BANK) wasn’t the weak link in the chain was his BLACKBERRY.

If these people believe they have come up with BlackBerry security then I’ll be thrilled to not have to mention the first hack.

I give it a matter of minutes.

Because Androidia is built on it.

Want to keep your job before the inevitable happens?

Buy a BlackBerry.


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  • wkrgr

    Wow! Chen doesn’t pull his punches. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Biggs, thanks!

  • nnik

    The only place I feel safe to do my banking is on my BlackBerry

  • Reverend Grim

    Like I said in mine, only one place to be!
    How can android be trusted when they let thousands of people buy an anti virus app that is actually just an icon on the screen of an inferior phone?
    Case closed!