Google Adds Welcome New Features to Wear OS

Google Assistant just got better on Wear OS

Wear OS is getting a big step up through improvements to the Google Assistant. Last year, the Google Assistant was added to the Android Wear. Since then, the OS that powers Android smartwatches has been renamed to Wear OS, and now the Google Assistant is gaining some new functionality.

If you’re a smartwatch user then you know just how handy the Google Assistant can be. Unfortunately, the Assistant was slightly paired down for smartwatches. Options that were available on your phone, or perhaps your speaker, were not available on your watch. Now some of those features are arriving.

The first item to get added is smart suggestions. We’ve seen these appear in limited form with different apps on our phones. Smart suggestion offers contextually driven responses. In this case, it’s not merely with messaging apps, but is also being used with commands for apps.

The Assistant can also now speak answers to you, as opposed to merely showing you the information on the watch face.

For the home automation crowd out there, Actions are now coming to your smartwatch. Smart home devices that are connected to the assistant, can now be controlled through your watch.

The update is rolling out now to all Android Wear devices. Will you be using these features?

Source: Google


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