Goodbye UTB Current, Hello TDS Exposed

Our newest segment is heading out on it’s own.

A short time ago, we introduced UTB Current. This was a category here at UTB that we hadn’t really touched on before. That category being of course, the current political climate.

It seems that we can’t look anywhere now without being inundated with politics. And most of the topics that we cover here, have been absorbed into the current political debate. And I am the first to say that our current political climate has become anything but reasonable. Common sense has gone out the window, and the extremists are now in charge of the conversation, ensuring that anyone that does not wholly agree with them are silenced.

Because of this “cancel culture” I decided to stop censoring my own speech, and to set out writing my own opinion about current events, within the confines of UTB Current. However, there is far more to write about currently in this area than there is about the topics which we normally cover on UTB Blogs. Because I didn’t want to flood UTB with these topics, I was holding myself back from writing too much about these other topics, instead trying to find a balance with our usual topics. That wasn’t happening. There was only one real solution.

UTB Current will go into hibernation on UTB Blogs. I am not saying that it will never return. Hopefully, someday sooner than later, the ridiculousness that have overtaken our daily news cycle will go away, and we can offer UTB Current in a more balanced fashion with our tech and geek posts. But until that day occurs, we have created a new site, where those posts shall reside.

I’d like to introduce TDS Exposed. Before you say it, TDS does not stand for “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. Not this time anyway. Instead, we are using it to stand for “The Double Standard”. Much of what bothers me within today’s current climate, is that there seems to be different sets of rules for different people depending on their political beliefs. This is what bothers me most of all, and what I tend to focus on at TDS Exposed.

Are you’re tired of seeing adults threaten to punch a child in the face for wearing a hat, while demanding others not question another child who is preaching to end a way of life for many. Are you tired of politicians surrounded by heavily armed guards demanding that citizens be stripped of their legal firearms? Are you tired of politicians who have been caught doing very racist things calling others racist?

Then come join me at TDS Exposed.

And if you’re looking for the new site on social media, what’s the point in trying? We all know it would be immediately banned from Twitter or Facebook. The only place you will find us is on the web, or at TDS Exposed on Telegram, with some additional content not found on the site.


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