gNewsReader for BlackBerry 10 gets Passport Support!

Great Feedly client!
Great Feedly client!

When it comes to finding apps that I use on my Android tablet and finding them in BlackBerry World, can be kinda tricky. That’s why I was excited when I found gNewsReader for BlackBerry 10!

gNewsReader, by Yogeshwar, is a native Feedly/NewsBlur client for BlackBerry.

I subscribe to all my favorite news feeds, and share them to my Facebook, twitter and BBM groups. I can even save articles from gNewsReader so I can read later.

The update brings the app version from to and with it brings:

Passport support, small bug fixes, and a new setting for list image size (big/small).

If you want to give this 4 1/2 star (and .99) app a try, just click on the link to the BlackBerry World.