Gmail App Now Converts Addresses and Phone Numbers to Links

Users of the Android Gmail App will experience a nice little addition.

If you utilize the Gmail Android app you may have already noticed that a change has taken place. Google announced that their G Suite applications will now convert addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses into live links which will take the user to the actions they would utilize the information for.

Clicking on an address link will open maps. Clicking on an email address will open a new email to that address. Finally, clicking on a phone number will open the device’s phone app ready to dial the number.

This is surely a time saver for those that utilize the Gmail app. Personally, I do not, but I did test to see if this was available and working on my BlackBerry KEYone and indeed it is, although it may not be working for everyone yet. Google has stated it may take up to three days for the ability to roll out to all users.

source: Google


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