Globe And Mail Discover’s BlackBerry’s Secret! Outsmart The Competition!

The Globe and Mail recently posted a video, “Did BlackBerry Just Outsmart Apple?” Go ahead and click the title to watch the video, they’re quite stingy and don’t allow their videos to be embedded. Or I just can’t seem to figure it out. Let’s go with stingy. So once you’re done watching the video. Head back here to read the rest of my ramblings.

Back now? Good. So, speaking of BlackBerry’s recent acquisition of Movirtu, Globe and Mail asks if BlackBerry just outsmarted Apple? Are you ready for the answer?

The answer is NO.

BlackBerry did not just outsmart Apple. They did it some time ago. And they did it some time ago. Apple just haven’t figured it out yet.

The Globe and Mail’s point is that this service is a service which will operate on iPhones, thus leading to revenue for BlackBerry even if the user is not using a BlackBerry device. It’s true. And it’s a smart move. BlackBerry is fighting for market share right now, and currently, it’s doing something iPhone is not, which is gaining market share. However, it will take quite a bit of time for BlackBerry to catch up with Apple, so using Apple as a source of income, is an extremely smart business move. Let’s look at a few ways that BlackBerry has been doing this.

image via BlackBerry
image via BlackBerry

BES 10

With BES 10, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry can all be managed under one user friendly console. Let’s not forget that BlackBerry is the number one MDM service provider. None of their competitors even come close in terms of market share. However, you rarely hear that when the naysayers are calling out the end of BlackBerry. BlackBerry is able to do something that Apple is not, and that is secure an iPhone, the business side of it at least. And for providing this service, they are earning revenue.



Oh QNX! In my opinion the best business decision BlackBerry has ever made. QNX has proven to be an amazing thing. Our BlackBerries run on it, providing an amazing lag free experience. As we already know, space shuttle components, nuclear power stations, medical equipment etc. etc. run on it. And coming soon, Apple’s Car Play will also be running on it. Knowing that British company Apple (for tax purposes of course) will figure out a way to get car manufacturers to pay BlackBerry instead of Apple themselves, but the end result is the same, BlackBerry is obtaining revenue from Apple products.


Follow along with me on this. With QNX, BlackBerry truly is in the forefront of this wave. There are already so many things that we come in contact that QNX is already controlling. From our automobiles, to vacuum cleaners. And Apple has a way of bringing things that have been around for a while, in to the light. As an example, NFC. People have been using NFC for years now. Apple is quite literally the last manufacturer to include this on their phones, however, today, a whole segment of the market thinks that Apple is introducing something new. In fact, all Apple has to do is put their logo on something and that segment will buy it.

So, as we see Apple working it’s own version of IoT, meaning connecting to other proprietary items (iWatch, Apple Pay, etc) as people leave iPhone, they will want those same type of services. And who do we think will be providing them? Anyone remember a little thing called EnStream?

Has BlackBerry outsmarted Apple? Of course! Did they just do it? Nope! And I think we shall be seeing several more examples of BlackBerry doing just this thing before the iPhone 6s arrives with their new invention, the Track Pad.


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