Girl Scouts Trailblazing STEM with Cybersecurity Badges

For the past few years, there has been an incredible movement in education and career planning for STEM, sometimes referred to as STEAM. This focused-curriculum encourages girls to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, generally male-led fields.

Girl Scouts have upped the ante on this agenda by incorporating new badges to their scouts’ sashes. The Scouts, traditionally an un-plugged social group that encourages exploration and skill-building has re-connected with their young demographic and sought to educated the next generation of “white-hat” hackers. This new badge catalog, labeled Cybersecurity, gives the young women a chance to understand and armor themselves against a world of digital dangers.

Girl Scouts have always been a learn-by-doing environment, emphasizing leadership and teamwork. By putting a spotlight on this new world where cybersecurity is as crucial as it’s physically imposing predecessor, the organization is empowering is participants with 18 different ways to educate themselves and their communities to the less-tangible things that go bump in the darknet.



Erica Davis

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