Gilroy and Baltimore. A Tweet of Two Cities

Two tragic stories. Two very different responses.

Yesterday a tragic mass shooting took place in Gilroy California. Gilroy is a lovely city that seems much quieter and slower paced than it’s neighbor San Jose. It is known as the “Garlic Capital of the World” and it was at this years annual Garlic Festival where the horrific shooting took place.

So far, the official toll from the shooting is 4 dead, including a 6 year old boy, a 13 year old girl, a 20 year old man, and 12 wounded. The shooter was the fourth death, and there is a potential second suspect that has not yet been apprehended.

This latest high profile shooting hits close to home. I have been to Gilroy countless times. It is the city that I always stop for gas when I am traveling to the Bay Area, and of course, like many Californians, I have spent more than my fair share of time shopping the Gilroy Outlet Mall. I pray for all those affected by this senseless tragedy.

The news of Gilroy managed to push aside another story that was Baltimore. President Donald Trump had gone on the offensive days before against Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings for the conditions of Baltimore. This in turn resulted in massive amounts of Twitter outrage from the left. We have seen Democrat presidential candidates, members of Congress, and media defend Cummings, and attack President Trump as being racist for calling out Cummings district.

As the news of Gilroy managed to push aside these Twitter attacks, I began to notice a rather disturbing trend. The people that were giving condolences and prayers, and calling for gun control after the Gilroy shooting, were the very same people that were calling the president racist, and Cummings and hero.

Let’s put this in perspective. Three victims died tragically yesterday in Gilroy, 12 were shot. According to the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police, since last Friday, there have been 6 shootings in Baltimore, and 6 murders. This brings the count for the month of July up to 38 murders and 80 shootings. There has been a staggering 196 murders and 437 shootings this year alone.

That’s not all, with numbers like that, it’s no surprise that Baltimore falls into the top 10 most dangerous cities in America. The city has the country’s largest murder rate. And it’s not just violence. In a proficiency test, 13 Baltimore city high schools had zero students proficient in math and the city consistently places in Orkin’s top 10 most rat infested cities, proving a few of the accusations leveled at the city by President Trump.

Why are the reactions to the tragedy that occurred in Gilroy, and the ongoing tragedy in Baltimore so different? These are people, these are Americans, dying needlessly. Dying violently. Yet people who are outraged by one, seem to be defending the other. Do you need proof? Well follow right along.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi calls Elijah Cummings a champion, and of course, the president racist for calling out the dangers of Baltimore. The gun violence in Gilroy is a “stain on the conscience of our nation”, but apparently it is not in Baltimore.

Nancy’s comrade Senator Chuck Schumer’s “heart is filled with sadness & anger” after Gilroy. But he had taken the time to retweet Cummings claiming that he fights for his neighbors daily.

CNN mainstay Representative Adam Schiff calls Cummings his “guiding light” but wants to honor the victims of Gilroy.

How about the presidential hopefuls? Senator Elizabeth Warren simply calls the president racist for calling out Baltimore’s problem, yet is “heartsick” about Gilroy.

Socialist Bernie Sanders distracts from Baltimore’s violence with a conspiracy theory, but is sickened by Gilroy.

Senator Kamala Harris who is also from California, calls Baltimore “home” and is horrified by Gilroy.

Former Vice President and serial hugger Joe Biden claims it’s despicable to “attack” Cummings, yet demands action after Gilroy.

And Robert “Beto” O’Rourke? Yes, apparently he is still trying. He, again, cries racist, and sends his love.

What of the true leaders of the Democratic Party? Of course, I’m talking about The Squad. Well, the two most popular, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar’s Twitter feeds stayed silent about Gilroy, although both had time to tweet about Cummings. The lesser known Rashida Tlaib plays cheerleader to Cummings while her heart goes out to Gilroy.

The Ringo Starr of The Squad Ayanna Pressley took the time to defend Cummings, and simply hit the retweet button on The Black Caucus’ tweet turning the Gilroy shooting into a way to call President Trump a racist.

The death count between the two tragic stories of Gilroy and Baltimore are far from equal. The loss of life in Baltimore dwarfes what took place in Gilroy, and is ongoing. And yet, we see over and over, that what is happening in Baltimore is being defended. It seems for some, the reputation of Elijah Cummings, and the opportunity to attack President Donald Trump, outweighs the catastrophic loss of life in Baltimore.

If President Trump was concerned about murders in Gilroy, and ignored the murders in Baltimore, would that not be seen as racist? Of course it would. Why is it not for those that are actually doing just that?


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