Ghost Contacts Now Available in BBWorld


From time to time here at UTB we are asked to try out and give our input on new apps by devs in our community. One new one that has come across to us is a new one from Don over at Alade Designs called Ghost Contacts which can now be found in Blackberry World here.  This app can prove useful for some as its function is for “hiding” contacts that you may not always want to be available for some prying eyes that may have some access to your BB10 device.  Whether be a work contact that you may not want your kids to accidentally dial while playing a game on your phone to… well I think we can let your mind think of any “other” reasons to hide some contact information.

The premise of this app is to carefully hide AND password protect what you are “hiding” pretty much in plain view.  What has been designed is an App called Fortunes with a hidden log in screen.  If the prying eyes gets into the app and clicks onto the “get your fortune” button they WILL get a fortune.  Seems to be your run of the mill joke app.


Swipe down from the top and tap in the section with NO button and hello hidden log in screen.


From here you will be able to enter your hidden contacts, of which I deleted to just a “sample” seen here.


Now that you have your contacts in here they are NOT added into your native contacts area.  From within the app you can contact using Phone calls, BBM and emails.  The Dev is in the process of working on texts messages at this time.  The other option in the works is being able to import individual contacts FROM the device itself instead of having to manually enter all of the information within the app.

After testing this for the last few days it does work pretty smooth and no traces in the hub or elsewhere after using.  The contacts that I used for it did not seem to notice anything either, for instance a lag in messaging like I have seen in a few other apps of a similar nature.  So it does its job well I may say.   So if for whatever reason you have some contacts you need to be “unseen” for whatever reason, go pick up Ghost Contacts over in Blackberry World where for a limited time it is on sale for just $0.99.

Miles @mopar_fxr

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