Gett users were exposed to hack in last November

Gett payment information target of attack.

Gett (Formerly Get Taxi)  users, who order the taxi service, exposed themselves to a hack a few months ago. The hacking took place in Israel and only affected 50 users. One of these users lost $135 after the hacker used their money to ride across the country.

This hack may not be as big as other cyber attacks, but the way that the hacker attacked Gett users is very scary if you register to sites on line. The hacker was able to monitor the user details the moment the user received the registration mail.

The hacker used this scam to ride without paying anything. The company didn’t know about the attack, and if the users had not posted on Facebook complaining on Gett’s page, more users could have been affected. The police were able to arrest the hacker and Gett fixed the exploit and re-registered the affected users again; this time in a more secure way.

This event is very scary as it very easy to hack and get users info and use their credit cards without access to the payment details.

When you register to online services, check that it made done securely. If not, call the company and sign on in a different way.

Source (Hebrew).


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