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BlackBerry Fact Check Portal
BlackBerry Fact Check Portal

We’ve seen alot of positive change at BlackBerry since John Chen took over as CEO; namely, refocusing the company on its enterprise roots, the Foxconn deal, the Amazon deal, the EZ Pass program, and the launch of the Z3.

One change which has been long overdue – a change that I am a big fan of – is taking a more aggressive stance against the the misinformation spewed daily by the media, tech media, and BlackBerry’s competitors.

When it comes to MDM/EMM, competitors like Good Technology, MobileIron, and AirWatch seem to take poetic license with the facts when making their sales pitch to enterprises.  BlackBerry addresses this head on in an article entitled “Don’t Believe The Hype: The Great BlackBerry Migration Myth“, in the recently launched BlackBerry Fact Check Portal.

So, what facts do the competition conveniently ignore?:

  • Multi-platform – BES10 can manage BB10, iOS and Android devices, and with the BES12 launch later this year, Windows phone will also be supported; all from a SINGLE console
  • Unmatched Security – BlackBerry 10 was the first to be approved by NATO for classified communications up to the level of “Restricted”. In August 2013, BlackBerry announced that “the U.S. Defense Information System Agency (DISA) has given BlackBerry® Z10 and BlackBerry® Q10 smartphones with BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10, the Authority to Operate (ATO) on Department of Defense (DoD) networks. BlackBerry is the first Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider to obtain an ATO.”
  • Best-In-Class Productivity – Through BlackBerry Balance, you can have secure Work and Personal spaces on the device; the device data, apps, and network access are separated, thus ensuring that confidential work data cannot be displayed or copied over into the Personal space.  Also, all enterprise apps deployed to the Work space have built-connectivity, thus not requiring the use of VPN.
  • Total Cost of Ownership – Research from Strategy Analytics indicates that BlackBerry is the lowest cost option based on a five year TCO; also, the EZ Pass program has already resulted in 1.2 million BES10 licenses, 10% of which moved over from the competition according to John Chen at the recent quarterly ER.

When presented with this information, would you trust your company’s data, and the data of your customers, to the competition?; probably not.

It’s about time that BlackBerry took control of the message, and dispel the myths, lies, and doom and gloom stories that we’ve all become accustomed to listening to.

You can see the full post from BlackBerry here at the BlackBerry Fact Check Portal.


BlackBerry Fact Check Portal

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  • nnik

    gonna start research on what company uses which devices or system and try to deal with those that actually make an informed choice about the security of MY personal information

  • Blackjack

    I’m wondering if there is a way to report false or slanderous media reports in “fan” sites and investment sites via fact check? anyone know?

  • Blackjack

    Agree – fact check is long overdue.
    I see its managed by one of Chen’s guys from Sybase.
    They must be long term observers and/or victims of the slander.
    BlackBerry has not even seemed to realize the effect of the media ignorance – especially from sites posing as fan sites.

  • xBURK

    I’m sure part of reason this program came about is due to the overwhelming fight BlackBerry fans have to endure in comment sections across the Web. It would be impossible for BlackBerry not to notice this. You can tell Mr. Chen is in touch with what’s actually going on. I will always promote and correct ignorance towards BlackBerry, but it really was getting out of control without the help of the company we stick up for. The more I see Mr. Chen take the correct steps, the more I realize the old BlackBerry was in a different world all together. If it wasn’t for the brilliance of their employees producing BB10, we wouldn’t be talking here today.

  • kel4003

    Hey guys I’m new here and been a shareholder and enthusiast for a year and a half now, and am quite happy about the Fact Checker program. It’s about time BlackBerry initiated this! The only problem is that unless you are already an avid BlackBerry user, it isn’t very likely that you will think to search the Inside BlackBerry blogs or the UTB blogs to find the truth. I’d like to see this program gain a more public view. The lies that Good are pushing on prospective “migrators” needs to be addressed in a way that makes it clear as day what Good cannot do. Which is a lot, from what I have determined. I am not a tech guy, and would like to ask any of you UTB regulars to explain in simple layman’s terms what Good’s shortcomings are. So that I can do what I can to spread the word and expose their false claims of being “the most secure mobile platform, period.”

    • Anthony

      A layman’s explanation of Good’s shortcomings could be an article for Fact Check! locco_smiley_20

  • Anthony

    The “Portal” link could be more front-and-center on Inside BlackBerry. It looks like they appended it at the end. It could be right beside “News”.

    In the Portal, there’s no link at the top for people to submit feedback.

  • ital1

    According to the introductory article for the Fact Check Portal initiative, “The BlackBerry Fact Check Portal is a two-way platform – so if you see a work of fiction from one of our competitors, we want to hear about it. Tell us about it here and make sure you frequent the Portal for the latest in our fight for the facts.”. Hopefully we can begin making use of this feature soon.

    • Blackjack

      I saw that but I didn’t quite get where “here” is

  • shanerredflag

    Mr CHEN continues to impress…one correct step after another. This journey to recovery is getting shorter and shorter.

    Great read..thx locco_smiley_10

  • Agree shanerredflag. You said it well. And this fact check portal is awesome and long overdue. I swear when Chen is ready, he is gonna get aggressive with outlets that spread disinformation and really go after the developed markets with some awesome advertising. It’s coming!