Get Snap2Chat NOW!!!


As reported earlier today by UTB, Snap2Chat has received approval by BlackBerry World and will be going live soon. In the mean time, Nemory the developer of this wonderful app has released a bar file for those of you who just cannot wait and would like to side load the app and help with some final testing.  He has graciously given us permission to release this bar file to our loyal members here at UTB.  Thank you Nemroy and keep up the great work.  You are making the BlackBerry community even more enjoyable than it already was.

You can download Version bar file by clicking here

Also, head over to the forums to discuss and learn how to get this great app on your phone NOW!


  • BBPandy

    Wow I did not expect to see snapchat in BlackBerry World. That’s awesome!!!

  • web99

    It is very good news indeed! I’m very thankful that Nemory put a lot of time and effort into developing this app.

  • davemorgan

    Great result. Good app and better features than the ‘official ‘ version.