Get new life out of your BlackBerry 10 Device!


As a group of BlackBerry users, we often take for granted that everyone knows the tech tips we use all the time. Things like “Backup, Wipe, Restore.” we banter around like a mantra when something odd starts happening to our phones.

After two years of reliable use from my workhorse BlackBerry 10 Classic, I started to notice it was becoming unacceptably laggy.

On a Windows machine, this can be an indication that you are running low on hard drive space, or it needs defragmenting, so I automatically assumed this to be the case. But I just didn’t have the time for a massive housekeeping operation, as the Classic is the primary communication device for my consulting business. There is little time that I can do without the phone, so I procrastinated and lived with the lagginess.

I finally got around to it, offloaded videos and music, then found it made little difference. When BlackBerry 10.3.3 hit, I thought maybe this would help my lag and I decided I had to take some time without my phone. I warned all of my contacts and colleagues that  I would be unavailable, and checked for software updates.

Being on AT&T, I got the same “You have the latest software” message that I have been getting since I bought the phone. Not a SINGLE update from AT&T, even after this major release. I wasn’t in the mood for autoloading or blitzing so I remembered the mantra “Backup, wipe, restore”, and wondered if that might be the answer to fixing my lag.

For those who don’t bother with maintenance, here is how:

Download and install BlackBerry link on your hosting device here if you haven’t already. Plug in your device with a USB cable, Link will automatically run and you will see a screen like this, recognizing your new device. uncheck ‘Automatically import the camera photos taken on this device’ unless for some reason you want to wait for that. I prefer to back them up separately.

Then click ‘Start Using My Device’



You will get a screen like this:



Click ‘Back Up & Restore’.



Select ‘Full Backup’ then press ‘Back Up Device’ and prepare to wait. This operation could take over an hour so be sure you won’t need your phone.

When done you will find your backup file ‘ myfile.bbb’ located in mydocuments/blackberry/backup on your windows device. I can’t speak for where a Mac will put the file, but you should find it and copy it to a known location on a separate drive.

When the backup completes, you can wipe your device. Be sure you can do without your phone for up to four hours (depending on the size of your restore data) Be sure to have your BlackBerry ID and passwords ready as you will need to reenter all of that to restore the device. I also backed up and pulled my SD card. You may lose things like your wallpaper, you will need to setup your email and twitter accounts in the hub so get that info ready. Then wipe away!

Go to Settings (two finger swipe from top of screen) >Security and Privacy>Security Wipe and be prepared to wait as the device wipes and reinstalls the setup apps.

Then go to Link, Backup and Restore, and this time press the ‘Restore Device’ button.



When done your phone will be in the state it was when you purchased it, and will begin the setup operation. You will have to go through the setup and tutorials, setup your BlackBerry ID, customize your notifications again etc.

I now have the BlackBerry Classic that I was so enamored with when I purchased it – zippy fast and lagless!

Like having a brand new phone all over again!





I am a long time BlackBerry user and fan. Beginning with the 7520, I have recognized the value of subtle productivity enhancements in BlackBerry devices for business communication and have never since strayed. Even when the iPhone took the market by storm, I was unimpressed, because it did nothing to help my business needs. Currently enjoying my one handed dream phone, the Classic! BB10 with a toolbelt! Today I contribute to UTB whenever I feel that I can help enlighten someone on the benefits of using BlackBerry over any other platform.

  • fahedalderbi

    Thanks Blackjack for tips me too having Classic for almost Two years but fortunately without any lag

    • Blackjack

      You might be surprised. Lag sneaks up on you! A slow acclimatization that you tend to get used to.

  • Anthony

    I have the Classic but I use the Passport :o The Classic can experience lag if you’re a regular Passport user.

    I am coming close to 2 years with the Passport and it doesn’t have any lag…ever. The only issue I had was an Android app making my Passport hang for a few seconds…

    …It was the Amazon App Store app. When I stopped the app the problem went away. After a recent app upgrade it looks like the issue was fixed.

    One nice feature of Passport’s wide screen is making a high resolution collage.
    – take a picture of a piece of bright white paper
    – make a shortcut to this file and save it to desktop
    – open the file and share it to BB10 app “Snap2Share”
    – use “Overlay” to add pictures
    – save the collage and you’ll see it’s a nice high resolution collage

    • nnik

      Any device will lag over time….its just how memory works.. The lag will not be as perceptible on a more powerful device.

      • Anthony

        Restarting your BB10 device to reset RAM helps with lag.

        My Passport does not “lag”. Maybe you switched to a Blackdroid and experience “lag over time”.

        My Passport is snappy from 100% charge all the way down to 1% charge.

        • nnik

          You love word games and hate being wrong…. We get that. But don’t mislead people who come for information. I guarantee you that your Passport isn’t as snappy as when new… this is what we’re talking about. This is the same reason why an OS update seems to perk up your phone.

          • Anthony

            Listen with both ears…my Passport does not lag. When I use it I don’t experience lag. Do you understand. I don’t perceive lag.

            My Passport has 5000 pictures on it. A Search takes a bit longer compared to a new device with no pictures. Using Assistant is a few seconds longer because there’ a lot of stuff on my device. That is not lag.

            If you touch a button and nothing happens for a second, if you open the browser and nothing happens for 10 seconds,…that’s lag.

            When I use it for email, browsing, phoning, editing, etc…I don’t have lag.

          • Anthony

            If you swipe to the Hub and the swipe is ahead of the sliding screen…that’s lag.

            If you’re using a drawing app and your line is behind your finger…that’s lag.

  • Anthony

    I am running Mac OS Sierra (beta) on my desktop computer. Blend does not install (or work) in Sierra. I can’t find Link on BlackBerry’s website.

    I backup my Passport in several ways
    1) I use a BB10 app on my Passport to backup PIM stuff
    2) I copy “My Documents” folder and other important folders to my desktop computer
    3) use BlackBerry “Password Keeper” to store passwords

    It really is a shame they stopped developing Blend. I was looking forward to accessing apps on my Passport through Blend.

  • deltact

    If lag is a problem, you’re lucky you did not upgrade to 10.3.3. I upgraded my Passport and now suffer random lags where the phone freezes for up to 5 seconds…it is completely unresponsive to a swipe up.

    So I’m strongly considering a wipe and reload, but I have an enterprise account on my Passport. Will the restore also put back all of that stuff, or do I need to go see tech support afterwards to get it back?

    • Anthony

      The freeze for 5 seconds could be an Android app like “Amazon App Store” or “Cobalt” (Google Play, if you installed it). Close those apps and the freeze should go away. I describe it above as a “hang”.

      • deltact

        Thanks for the suggestion. I force closed the Amazon apps from Device Manager but they seem to come back to life on their own. Any suggestions?

        • Anthony

          On my Passport, when I “close” Amazon App store from the “Memory Usage” tab in Device Monitor it closes. I don’t see it in the list.

          When you close Amazon (delete the message) from the Hub you’ll get a notification about stopping the app.

          If you still have the issue try closing other Android apps that run in the background.

  • BB Racer !!

    Was told to delete Face10 App before installing 10.3.3. . My problem now is when I connect my Z30 to BlackBerry Link via wifi, to do a simple backup I need to disconnect from wifi and when I do that my Z30 disconnects from BlackBerry link. Some how BlackBerry link does not recognize my phone via USB. Windows 10 does have my z30 setup in USB settings.

  • nnik

    The Problem is windows.. You can get it to work properly again delete BlackBerry software through add / remove programs and reinstalling. Your backups will not be deleted.