Gearing up for the Amazon App Store in 10.3!

So very much earlier in time, like many other BlackBerry users, we noted that Amazon partnered up with BlackBerry, and we also came to know after details tricked down that Amazon will have its App store in BlackBerry 10.3, pre-loaded.

Fast forward to today, we know more details of the arrangement, and while we were mulling details such as who, what, why, where, when, how, today in Twitter Amazon via @AmazonAllNews


Just a kind reminder:

Amazon App store has its own ID, which is separate from your BlackBerry ID. Purchases from Amazon Appstore can be restored in any devices WITH Amazon App Store and it is not tied with any BBID. This also means that at least officially, every BlackBerry users will get two ecosystems of content; The Amazon App Store which has a growing list of Android based applications, and also BlackBerry World where you can get Native Cascades applications with ‘Built for BlackBerry 10’ certified user experience. So why have to choose when you can have both, and in the case of personal preferences, you can always ask your favourite app’s developers to see if they want to port vice-versa (especially if you paid them for their apps!)

Since its 8 days more to countdown, why not create an Amazon App Store account and browse?

(PSA, its a HUGE THING for people outside the N.A and EU continent to get access to Amazon App Store, ;-) so if you’re not getting the excitement its understandable)