GameStop Suffers Breach, Customers Exposed

GameStop’s online customers may have had their credit card information stolen in security breach.

Another retailer has fallen victim to a security breach. More importantly, another retailer’s customers have fallen victim to the retailer’s security failings. This time, the retailer is GameStop.

Back in April it came to light that the retailer might have suffered a security breach. Now, the gaming retailer is sending out letters to customers who may be effected. Customers that may be at risk are those that placed, or attempted to place, online orders between August 10, 2016 and February 9, 2017.

The retailer issued a statement as follows, “GameStop identified and addressed a potential security incident that was related to transactions made on GameStop’s website during a specific period of time. GameStop mailed notification letters to customers who made purchases during that time frame advising them of the incident and providing information on steps they can take.”




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