Game of Thrones Final Season Trailer Drops

Game of Thrones Trailer For The Final Season Hit The Internet

HBO dropped an official trailer for Game of Thrones Final Season yesterday and it gave me goosebumps. The Story of Ice and Fire is going to be getting a conclusion before George R. R. Martin finishes his book.

I Know Death

We hear Arya in voice over talking about the many faces of death she’s faced and how she looks forward to meeting this one.
The clip shows her running thru the Winterfell castle (from the battle in episode 3) as she has seen something far worse than death itself.

Golden Company, Beric, Tormund, Eric, and Bran

We finally get a shot of the Golden Company on their sailing ships as they head towards King’s Landing. In the books they were Targaryen bastards that lost The Blackfyre rebellion and we’re exiled east. The reason they are known as the “Golden Company” is because they say their word is good as gold. Meaning they haven’t broken a contract ever but that could change to serve their queen, Daenerys.

We see Beric, Tormund, and Ed walking down in the crypts of Winterfell. They survived obviously the collapse of the Wall. We hear Bran, talking to Jon, saying “Everything you did, brought you here, where you belong, home.”

Cersei, Jon and Daenerys, Dragons Oh My!

We get a shot of Cersi looking happy with herself. Probably seeing the Golden Company coming into port. Then we see Jon and Daenerys with her unsullied army traveling to Winterfell. Then both of her dragons fly over Sansa eyes can’t believe what she just saw. We get another voice over, this time it’s Jon Snow saying “They’re coming” The shot is in they crypt as Daenerys approaches Jon. His face shows he’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders as the voice over continues. “Our enemy doesn’t tire, Doesn’t stop. Doesn’t feel.” We see the forges and Gendry helping build the Dragon Glass weapons and armor for the coming battle .

Easter Egg Alert – New Sigil

If you look closely at the armor the North soldiers are wearing. The sigil is a combination of the Stark and Targaryen sigils. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to see what merchandise HBO produces with it.

Death Is Coming For Our Beloved Characters

We get a shot of Grey Worm and Missandei kissing before he heads off to the front of the infantry.

The producers have said we will see some main characters die during the first 3 episodes. During the battle I expect the body count to be really high. Whether our beloved characters get turned into Whites is a question that hasn’t been answered.

But Wait There’s More

We see someone battling Whites on top of the battlements of Winterfell. Then you get a shot of Jamie screaming orders.

Then we see Cersei in a very empty throne, meeting the Golden Company leader.

The next shot is of Cersei with a glass of wine. Normally that’s her usual drink, but she’s pregnant so maybe she miscarried or she doesn’t think wine can hurt the baby.

Another shot of the dragons flying over the forests and surrounding area of Winterfell.

Arya in Winter Town either looking up at the sight of the dragons flying over or or seeing her brother Jon coming.

There’s a shot of Jon at the heart tree. We hear Jamie Lannister saying “I promised to fight for the living, and I intend to keep that promise.” Seeing him probably talking to Jon Snow.

We get a shot of someone grabbing a weapon then we see Jon and some soldiers running towards the castle or the crypts. Hard to tell from this trailer which one.

Then we see Jon and Dani approaching her dragons after they have feasted on some local livestock. Sansa looks concerned about what’s coming for them next.

More shots of the battle. A shot of Dani looking like she found out Jon is a Targaryen perhaps. Tyrion looking up and finally we get hit with some dragon fire.

A Quiet Parting Shot

We see the soldiers outside Winterfell, waiting for the army of the dead and then we get a view from an undead horse hoof hitting the ground. Winter is here!


HBO says the episode lengths will be the same as Season 7. We will not see really long episodes in this final season.

The executive producers decided to direct the final episode as they have had this story in their head for the last 10 years and they wanted to make sure it was handled the way they wanted.

One More Easter Egg

Entertainment Weekly did cover shots and the Night King looks like he has star eyes. What does that mean? Theories are flying that it could be a shootout to his original creators, the Children of the Forest.

Another theory suggests it could be a reference to the Faith of the Seven.

It could also be a hint at the Night King being “The Stranger”. Bran described awhile back, The Seven as “a single deity with seven aspects, each representing a different area of life.” The Stranger is one of those aspects and is often depicted as skeletal.

Are You Ready?

This is going to be one of the most epic final seasons for any tv show. The gut wrenching deaths and the struggle to stop the army of the dead will put the watermark high for the next Game of Thrones tv show. I’m not sure I’m ready for April 14th yet. I might need more drink.