Galaxy Note 9 Erupts in Woman’s Purse

An exploding Note? Who would have thought?

Samsung had a major problem with the explosive Galaxy Note 7. And fortunately, they actually addressed the problem, taking back the phones and suffering a huge financial loss in doing so. With this very public issue, Samsung has made it a point to ensure their future phones would not suffer the same fate. Which makes a story of a Note 9 exploding tough to hear.

The woman was real estate agent Diane Chung who is currently suing the company. On September 3, while in an elevator, Chung states her new Note 9 “became extremely hot” and she placed the phone in her purse. Note to readers: If your phone becomes extremely hot, do not place it in your purse. Do not place it in your pocket. Don’t do silly things like that.

Soon, “she heard a whistling and screeching sound and noticed thick smoke” erupting from her purse. Instead of realizing that her purse and it’s contents were now lost, she proceeded to try and empty the bag, burning her fingers in the process. Once out of the elevator in which she was trapped with her phone, she kicked the phone like a soccer ball out of the elevator and a friendly passerby picked up the phone with a cloth and dropped it in a bucket of water. There is no word on why there was a bucket of water in the lobby of the building.

While Samsung suffered the most publicity due to exploding phones with the Note 7, any phone can explode. The batteries which power our beloved smart devices have a very explosive nature if damaged in the least, and the thinner the phone, the more likely it is that a phone can become damaged through normal use. The question that must hang in every user’s head, is will this Note 9 explosion be a one-off? Or is it merely the first of another Note 7 story? Personally, I’m betting that this story will be unique. Surely the fear of exploding batteries still looms large at Samsung. Unlike Apple, who has seen a steady string of exploding iPhones since the iPhone 5, Samsung actually worked to resolve their issue, and I doubt that they have forgotten the pain their company went through.

Source: NY Post


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