Future directions for BlackBerry – Partnerships? Buyouts?

It appears that things have quieted on the BlackBerry news front. But don’t think for a moment that equates to John Chen sitting idly waiting for the phone to ring. What could be in store in BlackBerry’s future?

Not being on the inside I thought it might be interesting to take a few moments to speculate on what the next Press Release from the gang in Waterloo might disclose.

Now that the transformation from hardware to software / CyberSecurity seems to be coming to fruition, could it mean John’s tenure is up and he’ll be handing over the reigns?

Is there more work to be done on the CyberSecurity side that requires additional partnerships / collaborations with key strategic companies?

Could there be partnerships in the offing based on geographical tactics?

Let’s not forget the possibility of BlackBerry buying out an existing company to address a gap in their CyberSecurity strategy.

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Don’t be shy, other than suggesting he role-out a new PlayBook, there are no wrong answers!


this post was done entirely on a KEYone

Just one more reason-



kayaker co-pilot Tucson, it's a dry heat!