Further Fuel To The iPhone Conspiracy


It was only a few short months ago that Apple reintroduced the iPhone 4 to India as their version of the budget iPhone. And it was a fairly successful campaign. Apple increased it’s market share in India, this is a great thing for Apple! But today, it appears as if Apple is pulling the iPhone 4 from the marketplace. Why is this?

There are many theories on the internet, however, everything I read was at various Apple fan sites. I’ve read reasons ranging from “It was successful and did what it was supposed to” to “Apple 5C is huge success and they are replacing the iPhone 4 with the 5C” These are not direct quotes, but I keep reading the same reasons from one iPhone site to the next. I believe one site got a portion of the reason right though.

One of the reasons behind the move is the poor performance of iOS 7 on the  handset, something many customers have accused in the past.


Of course, this is not an Apple or iPhone fan site though. And I believe this sentence says it all. Once again, without forcing you to read what all iPhone users are going through since the arrival of iOS 7, lets just suffice it to say that iOS 7 is not working well at all on older iPhones. Not working well at all. Which is resulting in customer complaints and people questioning how to fix it all over the internet. Unfortunately there are no good fixes for this although the fix that involves hair dryers and refrigerators is by far one of the most humorous fixes I’ve ever heard of.

Apple has not come out and stated what we know, and what iPhans will not admit, that iOS 7 broke people’s phones. The American carriers that pretended to be testing BB10’a update for months, had no questions about the iPhone update, and now customers are paying for it. And now I am left wondering if Apple even tested it.

Let’s look at what has happened. Apple re-released the iPhone 4 in India. Apple  updates to iOS 7. Apple demands that app developers  optimize their apps to iOS 7; Now people running old versions of iOS on their phones are no longer able to download or update apps without upgrading. FaceTime no longer works if you aren’t on iOS 7. Updating to iOS 7 on older devices leads to random reboots, lag, numerous issues. Apple has ‘record sales’ of iPhone 5s, however, they didn’t sell what they produced. And now Apple is offering trade in’s of old iPhones for free new iPhone 5s and 5c.

So here is the question, will Apple make this same offer to it’s Indian customers who just purchased the iPhone 4 in the last few months? Or will these customers be stuck with a phone that will not work for them?



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