Funny or Die Makes a Trailer for Pokémon Movie

Finally, a Pokémon movie I’d totally want to see.

I never really got Pokémon. I used to think that I was just outside the age group that it was intended for, but when Pokémon GO! became the gaming sensation it was for a while, I saw players both younger and older than me wandering around with their face in their phones. There’s just something about those little monsters that have caught the attention of the public. Me? Not so much.

The games have just never looked fun to me. I’ve even tried the cartoon. I don’t think I even made it through a full episode. I know people, in real life, that can name off all of these little creatures, their powers, and far too many other details about them. Sometimes I feel like I’m left out because I cant tell a Pikachu from a Charmander. Ok, I lied, we all know Pikachu, but a Charmander? No clue.

Funny or Die has made a short film of a Pokémon movie I could certainly get behind. This isn’t taking place on a Game Boy display, or in a low quality Japanese animation cartoon. This is live action. Where things bleed. And it’s funny. Blake Jenner stars as Ash Ketchum, who returns from retirement once Pokémon critters have taken over and the government asks for help. But this time, Ash isn’t interested in catching them all.

pokemon movie


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