From Me To You


A lot has been said over the last few days. Rumors have become fact, leaks have become official, and more rumors have begun. We’ve seen our little community fragment. I have seen those that I have nothing but respect for, reacting in ways that I would never have imagined. I’ve wanted to take to Twitter, BBM Channels, and BBM groups and respond to each person, yet I know that my responses are as emotional as theirs, and in all but the UTB BBM group, I’ve kept pretty quiet. This is highly unusual for me, and shouldn’t be taken to hold any deep meaning. If anything, it was forced. In times like these, people tend to react, and those reactions can often times lead to us saying and doing things that we cannot take back.

My quiet time is now over.

BlackBerry 10 is not gone. It’s not dead. But it would be a lie for me to say I don’t see the possibility, a very real and likely possibility of that taking place. I admit that I see the end of BlackBerry 10 as the most likely situation. However, I don’t see this ending as a result of the release of a BlackBerry Android phone. I don’t even see this as a result of BlackBerry’s strategy. I see this as a result of the reaction of the community which I hold so dear, and those that surround our community, and take part, with or without invitation. So here is my letter to you.

To you the internet troll,

You’ve made it a point for the last few years to bother us at every turn. You attack in forums, you attack on Twitter, you attack on fan sites and mainstream media. It is nearly impossible to get away from you. We had to start our own home on the web so that we would ensure that we could have a positive discussion without you interfering. I still don’t know your motivation, why you want BlackBerry dead so bad. Was there financial gain in it for you? Were you afraid that the superior BlackBerry 10 would overshadow your platform of choice? What are you thinking now? Do you think you’ve won? Do you think that BlackBerry won’t put out a superior Android device? I have news for you, whatever OS BlackBerry is running, it will be better than what’s in your pocket. You might think you have won, but in the end, BlackBerry, and us that remain with BlackBerry, will be laughing at you, as a distant memory of someone who once thought they mattered.

To you the fake fan,

You built your name on BlackBerry. The only reason your name is known by any is because of your participation in our community. And when BlackBerry had rough times, you turned your back on it. Using titillating headlines, you sacrificed BlackBerry to get ahead. You have shown you would have been more than happy to stand on BlackBerry’s corpse to get a little bigger. But BlackBrry didn’t die, and you tried to walk away from it. You are now discovering you’re no longer a big fish in a little pond. As you gloat on social media, pretending you knew this all along, have you begun to realize what those of us still here can already see? That the only place you ever had a voice isn’t listening anymore? Welcome to insignificance.

To you the weak fan,

We know you’re a fan, you’ve been in this community all along. You’ve held on while your partners left you alone. But why didn’t you make a stand? You know what is right, what is wrong. You sat by, and gave the trolls the run of the land. You allowed the trolls to take over what was once the gathering place of BlackBerry fans. We know the trolls are loud, we know they work the system, but you allowed it to happen. You allowed non-BlackBerry users to police BlackBerry users, and they policed harshly. To the outside world, it appeared that BlackBerry users were denouncing BlackBerry, why else did they infest that place? If BlackBerry 10 disappears, and BlackBerry becomes only an Android device, what then? That once great home of BlackBerry fans becomes redundant. After all, by your own design, there’s already a home for Android fans, and it’s not brand specific. Will you finally regret your actions then? Are you hoping the Androidians will accept you?

To you, the angered fan,

I get it, I really do. I’ve spoke to many that are in the same mindset as you. Only seeing one possible outcome, you’re lashing out at BlackBerry. And I ask you, plead with you, to stop. I’ve seen more than once, an angered fan state that they are so angry with BlackBerry for going Android, that they are going to get a Samsung, or Nexus, or any other brand of Android phone. Where is the logic there? We need you back. There’s more to this community than the OS that is on the phone. We’ve made it through the transition of BBOS to BB10. If we must, we can make it through the transition to BlackBerry Android. We will be there to guide the newcomers. We shall see the community grow in numbers, and we would like you there to help guide them. At the end of the day, the BlackBerry community is a much better place than that of the competitors, and we’d like to keep it that way.

To you, the silent fan,

We know you’re there. You subscribe to BlackBerry Channels, you read the various fan sites, but you don’t participate. Perhaps you feel you have nothing to add? You’d be wrong. Perhaps you don’t want to enter the fray that some forums and comments devolve to, I can’t say I blame you. Perhaps taking that first step, signing in to a site for the first time, and making that first comment, just seems like too much effort? I’m asking you to make that effort. I’m asking you to stop being a silent fan, and start being a true fan.

To you, the true fan,

We’ve been through a lot. We’ve seen the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 fail. We’ve seen the company we love approach the brink of no return, and we fought to save it. We saw a for sale sign on the front door, and we promoted with every ounce of energy we had. We’ve fought trolls together. We have overrun polls on cross platform sites. We’ve fought carriers, just ask John Legere what kind of fans BlackBerry has. Tired of what was happening in our former homes, we’ve created our own, and I’m not just talking about UTB, there are several new places on the net for BlackBerry fans to congregate. We, more than any other group of fans in the mobile space, are battle hardened. We’ve fought strong and steady for over two years, together.

It’s time to continue that fight.

BlackBerry 10 is not gone… yet. We have time. As a community, we can make a difference. For a BlackBerry 10 fan, there are frightening times ahead, yet we faced worse. At the time that BlackBerry was “for sale” we faced a reality where BlackBerry could have closed the doors, at any given time. Had that happened, of course we would have seen the end of BB10, with no hope of ever seeing it again, or any other BlackBerry device for that matter. These times are different. Chen is righting the ship. BlackBerry is making strong acquisitions. No longer are we waiting to hear the news of BlackBerry being bought, now we are waiting to see what company they are buying next. I believe we are on the verge of seeing more BlackBerry devices being sold than we’ve seen in years. Yes, it will be an Android device, but finally, we should stop hearing those annoying words, “they still make phones?”

For two years we have not given up. And now is not the time to start. Now is the time to let people know that #iChooseBB10. It is time to let BlackBerry know that while we want nothing but success for BlackBerry with the Android phone, there is still a community that wants BlackBerry 10. It’s time to promote the amazing things that BlackBerry 10 can do, outside of security. Just remember, Android and iPhone users like things that light up and make noise, lets show them that BlackBerry 10 does it better. It’s time that the real fans stand together, and make our voices heard.

This community has never been one to give up without a fight. Now is not the time to start.

And to the trolls, the fakes, and the weak, shove off and get out of our way. We have work to do.


BlackBerry Elite Founder & Owner of UTB Blogs and UTB Geek. When I'm not talking or writing about BlackBerry, you'll find me using my BlackBerry.

  • pratik_d

    Thanks Brad. Really needed this! If we’ve done it before then we can do it again.

  • veeru789

    The night is darkest before dawn. And I can already see the light.

  • ajackman

    All I’m going to say is let’s get it, I’m all in #GoBlackBerryGo…

  • I would probably fit in the “Angered Fan” category. I do appreciate comments from you, Brad, and the others in the forum who have settled me down. I appreciate this article, too. I think I get it now.

  • chucklebutte

    BB10 is dead. When they liquidate the remaining stockpile I am going to try and grab as many BB10 devices I can and ride it out till something better than iOS or Andud comes along. It was a fun ride but all good things must come to an end. I had high hopes for our Chenpion, but he turned out to be worse than Thor.

    • veeru789

      Go somewhere else Troll.

    • Schmurf

      Really, what’s dead is your faith in the product. Personally I see a couple of possible outcomes. First being that like the taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, the Android device will provide income for the company while BB10 continues on for those who appreciate it. A second possibility is BlackBerry actually saving Android from itself by working with Google to make Android like BB10. If that is the case, then it doesn’t matter the handset, because Android would be BB10 , BlackBerry will run the security end-to-end. I think the game is far from over. Life is not black and white; there are many shades of grey and many possible outcomes.

      • Well said sir!!!

        • Brad

          Chucklebutte, I’m going to make a new category for you.

          The Misguided Fan.

          I do believe you’re a fan. You spearheaded the #WeWantThePassport campaign, which we supported. And that was great. But you’re also one of the first to go to Twitter and rampage about any little issue you may have.

          You realize that’s public? You realize that can sway other’s opinion? Do you think you’re helping the brand you love when you complain and threaten to leave? You’re not.

          When you have issues, there are places to go. People to ask. We have great people here at UTB. I believe we’re even local to each other. You can ask me and I’ll find you help. There are still great people in the forums of CB. There is Nerdberry and BlackBerryOS. There are good fans out there.

          Yet you tend to take the N4 approach, which is to complain about the brand. Even here, you start out by saying BB10 is dead.

          It’s time to realize your outbursts are not helpful. They’re hurtful. Now please, this time, be helpful, let’s make a positive difference.

  • jrohland

    800000 in a quarter sounds like 3.2 million in a year. BlackBerry can make enough off that to keep BB10 going. Use the Android customers to profit in the hardware business. Use the BB10 customers to pay for BB10 development. Of course some of those 800000 are going to buy the Android version so maybe 600000 BB10 phones a quarter. The numbers still work as you only need a half dozen people to maintain and support BB10.

    We need to let customers know they can come to us for support when BlackBerry and their carrier can’t or won’t help them.

    • Schmurf

      I agree. It’s like the fools who buy lottery tickets. They help keep my government running. Let the Androidians help to keep BlackBerry running :D

  • BerryBlack

    I love BlackBerry, and i am getting the Priv with the BB10 OS, even if BB decides to kill it in the future. No Android for me.

  • Poita316

    *standing ovation*

    Am I the only one who saw Brad, riding his mighty steed back and forth Braveheart style while giving us this strong motivational and emotional speech?

    Damn you all, I’m not going anywhere else but BlackBerry 10. Unless they choose to pull the plug on it. Than I’ll be on an Android BlackBerry in a heartbeat.

    • Brad

      A steed? More like walking my little dog.

  • KING_Kia

    BB10 is the best, GO BLACKBERRY.

  • Tracmila

    Nice one Brad. Spoken like a true champion.
    I myself have received infractions on trollberry, defending BlackBerry on a BlackBerry fan site.
    I am both angered, sad and numb. I really can’t understand why the slider can’t support BB10 and/or android. I think the cost of the drivers story is weak. I have my own reasons why BB10 is being killed. I will be selling my collection of devices, but will keep my Passport and maybe a Z30 and will not buy the slider or support BlackBerry further. I will be on the forums antagonizing the trolls, of course. It’s not over yet. Thanks to all who have contributed to the cause.

    • Brad

      It’s not being killed. Wait, watch, and join in the campaigns.


  • Firefox

    Nice, and very true. Android and IOS don’t have fans like BlackBerry and will never have. It’s like family.

  • Martin

    I really don’t have much to add as Brad has really said it all.
    But I will say this, I’m
    “BlackBerry by choice!”

  • Thanks for the heartfelt article, Brad. You’ve said what many of us feel. Lillyfox’s article was also heartfelt. BlackBerry is still here, it’s just BB10 fans who are in shock. Time to push that awesome OS and BlackBerry. Time to stand behind our favourite company as it makes handsets profitable. The security Chen promised in order to even make an Android gives me the confidence to try one. But BB10 will always be my love.

  • SipoKapumba

    I’m a true fan I will die with BlackBerry 10, but as I have said in these forums before, if making an Android device will return the handset business to profitability, I am all for it, hoping BlackBerry won’t ditch BB10 too soon. They might continue producing BB10 for a niche market.

  • BB4tw

    Why do people think it has to be all or nothing, one OS or the other? Samsung makes phones with three different OS. Why can’t BlackBerry maintain two?

    • Schmurf

      I agree! The BlackBerry handset is a sturdy beast and unique out there. I am confident the BlackBerry hardened android OS will be sufficient, but will have a ways to go to be as good as BB10.

      • Brad

        Exactly guys. Spread that message.

  • DonMariano

    I took the direct approach and sent a tweet to John Chen asking him to release a BB10 Priv, it probability won’t change anything but I felt the need to that.

    • Brad

      Be sure you join the Thunderclap too! :)


    “Brave words from a one eyed fat man!”
    OK, you may have two eyes and may not be fat . . … . .. .
    However you must forgive those of us who have stood by BlackBerry since the beginning ( yes I am old enough to have had a BB pager) and who now feel betrayed and abandoned. And this is not the first time the company has done this to loyal customers ( and I use the term ‘customers’ advisedly because ‘fans’ cheer, customers put cash where their mouths are). Remember the PlayBook fiasco? Tens of thousands of us bought the PlayBook ( I own three) even though we knew it was flawed, because BlackBerry told us to hang on and that improvements were coming.

    We all know how that ended.

    And now, once again, despite years of support with our dollars, despite years of defending BlackBerry against all comers, despite thousands of posts to thousands of sites that championed other operating systems, despite being viewed as fools by the multitude because we bought a ‘looser’ ( in their words), we find ourselves, once again, cast out like yesterday’s trash.

    And let’s be honest here. The announcement of the new android phone is the death knell for BB10. Mr. Chen is a turn around specialist and is brilliant at what he does. He has little allegiance to BB10 or those of us devoted to it. He, as he should follows the dollar and that means that ‘easy dollars’ have precedent over ‘harder’ long term dollars. His goal is to return BlackBerry o profitability as quickly as possible and that gives him a limited view of ‘long term strategy’. I am sure that he knows that in the long term BB10 is the best path for BlackBerry to follow. But he is focused on the short term only and we can’t blame him for that. However, if he is hoping to sell tens of millions of android phones he is mistaken. The potential buyer has been convinced that BlackBerry is dead and there is no reasonable expectation that that same buyer will choose a BlackBerry android over one of the very much larger company’s offerings.

    All that being said. I, and I suspect, a lot of others will continue to enjoy our BB10 phones and may even buy another when the time comes and if there is another to buy. But the steam has been let out of our boilers. We no longer have the fire in our bellies. We have been let down for the last time and there will be no more posts on other sites to defend our beloved BlackBerry, no impromptu demonstrations of our far superior phones to friends and strangers and no more support for a company that makes a habit out of betraying their customers.

    You know, they say, if you kick your dog, it will always come back for more. But if you kick your cat it will be gone and not come back.


    • Blackjack

      Truenorth I can’t say that I feel any differently than you and you could very well be right. All indications and logic say BlackBerry 10 Classic being phase out. We have had endless discussion about this within the community. However, we could also be wrong. And the more BlackBerry see the defeat and or acceptance of this, the more likely it will become a self-fulfilling Prophecy.

      As betrayed as we fee I don’t think there was a choice. Chen is under pressure to make handsets profitable, and I believe that the the with the devil precluded BlackBerry 10 on the flagship device.

      I may see BlackBerry 10 devices in the future, we may even see it on this device. Nobody knows.

      But fact is, the is no place else for the cat to go.
      I do know, that if we accept this or leave, it is more likely to happen a you describe, because blackberry will see that nobody cares. I choose to stay and fight. Give me BlackBerry 10 Classic Classic me death!

      • Blackjack

        feel* deal with the devil (google)* as*
        A few typos…still getting used to the passport keyboard!

        • Brad

          Truenorth, I’m expecting soon we’ll be laughing together about these times.

          As we’re chatting in comments from our BB10 phones

    • Blackjack

      Oh and you’re right, Brad is fat. =))

    • Disagree on two counts: 1) that Chen has no sentiment towards BB10 and 2) that Chen has no long term view.

      #1 Chen IS a turnaround specialist. These folks are not good at managing a company, they’re good at creating a company. It’s a different temperament. Chen is driven as much by the process of saving the company as he is by the money he earns in the process. He is creative. He is attached to the outcome. He wants to save the company and return it to it’s former glory and he has publicly said as much. This means saving the device business including the OS. Would he cut off a diseased limb to save the patient? Of course. But does he want to? Absolutely not. He is emotionally attached to keeping the company intact and returning it to how it was in it’s prime.

      #2 This is just plain ridiculous. Yes he wants to turn the company around, but not for a couple quarters, for the long term. All the acquisitions and other actions he’s taken prove that. He is looking to create a company that thrives for the long term.

      You are angry and have a right to be. I disagree with you on those two points though.


        James, Chen is not creating a company he is restructuring the one he has in hand. He has sworn to return BlackBerry to profitability and that is all. He has also said that if the hand set division does not make money then he will move on. His focus, and rightfully so, is to return BlackBerry ‘IN SOME FORM’ to profitability. That is why he has no allegiance to BB10. Everything is on the potential chopping block. He has no reason to save one failing department over another just because BlackBerry was a big phone manufacturer. Turning the company around in as short a time as possible is his one and only interest, and I don’t blame him.

        No turn around specialist and I repeat NO turn around specialist is in the big chair for the long haul. They want to get in, shed the non profitable portions of the company, build on the strengths, get it back into the black and then get out with his profits when he sells to a third party. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that Mr. Chen has an emotional attachment to any part of BlackBerry, just because we do. He can’t afford to trade dollars for sentiment. If you really thing that Mr. Chen is in it for the long haul then ask yourself this question; “How long was he with the last company he turned around, before he sold it?” That is Mr. Chen’s version of long term planning. He has and must keep his eye on the final goal: sale of the company for a profit. Everything else is expendable and that, sadly, includes BB10.

        • At this point all I can do is reiterate what I’ve already said, #1 Turning a company around is a creative process much like building a company. It is NOT like managing a profitable company. A turnaround specialist is a different temperament. If you disagree, there’s not much more to say on this. I suggest you contemplate the differences between merchants and artists. Concomitant with being able to succeed in this turnaround phase and being creative, is an emotional attachment to the business outcome. This is what drives the creative personality; they are attached to the outcome, whatever it is. Chen wants to keep the company whole. He WANTS to. This is sentiment. You wanna argue how badly? Whatever. I already said he would cut off any diseased limbs.

          #2 NO, he does not want to sell the company necessarily, he wants it to succeed regardless of the ownership structure. In this case, BlackBerry is a Canadian company very important to that country and I’ll bet the end game goal is to remain an independent corporation. Hence the stock buybacks of late. Of course he will not be there after the turnaround, that’s not his thing. That’s why he’s a turnaround guy. The point is, he will not enjoy the intrinsic pleasure of “success” unless BlackBerry succeeds in the long run.

          Neither one of us knows the man personally so we can go back and forth ad infinitum. My position is supported by comments he has made in the past and a demonstrable representation of his (psychological) personality given that he is a “turnaround-type CEO.”

          I freely admit I could be wrong, but I really believe you are on these two points. As a BlackBerry fan, I’m sure you hope I’m right.

  • jubatus

    Seems like privacy is really dead in the corporate state. The reason why I got BlackBerry in the first place and fell in love with BlackBerry 10. I came from a dumb phone to the most advanced smartphone on the planet. The powers that be have tried to kill BlackBerry for the longest time. How dare people want privacy and an smartphone! I’m glad the company is out of danger. I would like to say to all the BlackBerry people out there hang on to your Bb10 devices, the more we are the longer Bb10 will survive. In case it its not supported in a few years I’m going to go with anything BlackBerry puts out because that’s where I’ll get the best devices in the world.

  • Anthony

    It’s not smooth sailing for BlackBerry’s android device. The Priv will make a splash but it won’t be easy to maintain the momentum because other android device manufacturers will be quick to adapt and will continue to push specs and lower prices. We all know how bad BlackBerry is at marketing. Eventually BlackBerry could stop using android. This is why BlackBerry will continue to support BB10.

    Why is BlackBerry doing nothing to reassure BB10 users and developers? Who cares if John Chen states they continue to support BB10. What does “continue to support” mean. A lousy 10.3.3 update in March looks like a maintenance update.

    Worst case scenario is John Chen is a devious liar. BlackBerry “working closely with Google” while they launch their own android device is hardly reassuring. BlackBerry’s QNX in vehicles and their cross-platform device management network must look quite tasty to Google. locco_smiley_39


    BB trolls = the many ex-BB employees who feel that the company owes them….. and in turn have turned the weak on their side.

    Oh and…

    BlackBerry didn’t let anyone down…

    It’s the people around you that let you down…..

    you know, the ones that felt the need to have Candy Crush and Instagram were the top priority…

  • bambinoitaliano

    I find it hilarious some feel betray by John Chen and how BlackBerry abandon it’s loyal customers. Many do not seem to grasp the reality BlackBerry is facing at this juncture as a phone maker. They innovate with Passport, they even gone retro to make the Classic to get their customers to adapt to the new OS BB10. Yes it’s a new OS. Unlike Iphone and Android giving incremental increases and tout as new phone. Guess which OS are selling more. Clearly majority of the customers prefer the same old same old. It’s too much to adopt BB10 despite what many of you here claim here it’s not a complicated to use BB10. Quarter later BlackBerry is only selling 800K unit of phones. The number is consistent quarter after quarter. What is a company suppose to do? Insist to go on a hunger strike and keep producing BB10 that a few would purchase until the company fold? When a company in dire situation you do whatever it takes to stay alive. It’s not Apple or Samsung. BlackBerry do not have hundred of billions of war chest. The company is not adding anything new to it’s legacy devices like Apple and Samsung. BB10 by any standard is a new OS many still have not adopt. Advertising is not enough. It needs front line support. At every carrier, every store in every town and city and every province and state in every country. Does not take a math genius to do the calculation the 3 billion dollars in BlackBerry account is no where close enough to cover the cost. What sane CEO of any company would waste and risk the seeds of a company? Go ahead and laugh at the same old same old incremental increase of Iphone and android phone. The majority of the consumers speak with their wallet that they prefer the same old same old over adopting a new OS. So what is BlackBerry gonna do in the mean time? Adapt and adjust to keep the company alive for another day. To stop the revenue from hemorrhaging and hoping the same old same old BlackBerry android OS will help bring in the needed revenue to keep the company making hardware sales. If it’s a success, the company will continue to make variation of android phones and perhaps limited release of BB10. If it fails, zero phone BB10 or otherwise and BlackBerry become a software company or sell off and dismantle by the other competitors. John Chen is doing everything a Ceo is doing to keep the company alive. He cannot and should not be acting like a prideful BlackBerry fan insist on making phones that cannot sell until the company bankrupt. If Passport is the last BB10 phone BlackBerry ever innovated, I will continue and hang on to it until it does not work. Just as the two Playbooks that I still own and use till this day. It will be years later before I have to decide what other platform I am adopting next.

    • Anthony

      People feel betrayed because BlackBerry is not doing a good job of letting BB10 users and developers know what’s going on.

    • Alan

      bambinoitaliano you have captured my sentiment exactly as it happens with BlackBerry and what BlackBerry must do. I can appreciate what Brad is saying and doing, but in the end every person will make their own decisions and act accordingly and that’s O.K. (or or least it should be). Not everyone is built to same way. I remain with BlackBerry. I love their products (BB10 is Superb), but I am not opposed to walk the walk and talk the talk with and for BlackBerry whenever. I can’t imagine BlackBerry putting out a product that is not good enough, or BETTER. BB10, Android, or otherwise! BlackBerry has proven themselves through BB10 and the Passport. The World is not ready (yet). BlackBerry continues to fight the fight. Who will join them? Who will remain with them? Long live BlackBerry. BlackBerry tackles with Android FULL. FORCE. next. Let it be done. Long live BlackBerry.

    • veeru789

      well said!

    • Brad

      Bambino, you should be blogging here.

  • SipoKapumba

    We have come this far, BlackBerry is not out of trouble yet, if the Priv will help to make the devices business profitable, why not? Support for BB10 may eventually stop, but we have a few more years before that happens. Let’s stick with BlackBerry and continue supporting its transition. Like others have said, if the future is BlackBerry powered by Android, so be it.

  • bambinoitaliano

    @Anthony. I do not see the benefit of letting customers know everything that is going on within the company. Beside John Chen is no seer. He is trying his best to steer the company towards the right direction. All those noises created by the customers, media and self appointed Ceos and tech experts are just going to further spin a straight forward statement into ridiculous speculations. It’s not like we have not read enough of those arm chair Ceos and arm chair critics telling how wrong and what mistake the company have been committing since the launch of BB10. It’s so easy to be the outsider with nothing at stake and offer simple solution and advice without knowing the ins and outs of BlackBerry business base on pile on news and speculations we read across the media. We have no business in knowing beyond what a consumer need to know. At the end of the day we as the consumers can make the decision to either continue to buy it’s product or not base on our own reasoning. BlackBerry is not a sport team that provide entertainment value. There is only so much fanaticism one ought to extend the courtesy to the company. I want the company to do well. I want them to continue to develop BB10. I want to continue to use BB10 devices. At the worst case scenario it can be tough to see a relatively competent phone developer going out of business after all these years, It will have little impact on my life at the end of the day.

    • Anthony

      No, BlackBerry is doing a really bad job of letting BB10 customers know what’s going on. The proof is all this confusion about BB10’s future.

      If BlackBerry properly managed the situation BB10 users and developers (and store salespeople) would be saying, “yes, BlackBerry is launching an android device because many users put a priority on apps but BB10 still has a great future at BlackBerry…we could soon see a new Passport, and the new slider will also have a BB10 version”. locco_smiley_20

      Instead we have to guess.


      Except . . . … .. . Mr. Chen asked us; the BlackBerry community to go out and sell the phones to anyone who would listen: to push BlackBerry and their unequalled BB10 system whenever we could: to proudly and aggressively sport our BB10 phones and generate interest in them. And now he has jerked the carpet out from under us. And let’s be honest, Chen has sworn to return BlackBerry to profitability, but that does not necessarily include BB10 or any phones at all for that matter. So you will have to forgive us for feeling some trepidation, some betrayal and some abandonment. We allowed our love of the operating system, the phones and the company to blind us to the very truth of Mr. Chen’s intent: to return the company to profitability IN SOME FORM. We allowed ourselves to believe that this included BB10 and, as it turns out, it does not.

  • Tinioesjunior

    Great one Brad!

    I support your post


    I still have a z10, I haven’t had the opportunity to upgrade it because BlackBerry devices are not easy for get in The Dominican Republic, I’d have to order them via Amazon or so. I’m planning to get a Passport SE soon.

    By the way, I’m not a fan of sliders, I prefer regular/plain phones like the one I have now.

    Every time I pull out my Z10 people ask, what’s that?… I thought BlackBerry didn’t make phones any more!… or, Is that a BlackBerry? It looks nice!

    Thanks Brad!

    • Tinioesjunior

      … not easy to get…

  • Well said Brad, and very heartfelt. I can see the passion in your words. If one tenth of the BlackBerry fans were as passionate as you, they wouldn’t be in this situation.

    I always root for the guy who puts it all on the line and this is what you’ve done. Cheers.

  • razrrob

    I love OS 10 and BlackBerry but people have to get a grip!

    A corporation has no obligation to share it’s long or short term plans with the public. To do so would be suicide from a competitive standpoint.

    The Board is advised and approves.

    End of story

    • Anthony

      This is the age of social media. John Chen has a Twitter account. There’s BlackBerry Blogs Fact Checks.

      Why the slider is only android and the future of BB10 needs a Fact Check. locco_smiley_7

      What about the media? What can they write about BB10’s future?

      Uncertainty does not sell devices.

    • Brad

      Exactly Rob!

  • nnik

    Great read and attitude Brad! I agree completely!
    The people that keep bringing up the playbook and the chuckletrolls should maybe read it again and again and again.

  • BB Racer !!

    Great Post : BlackBerry will have the two best secured Mobile platforms in BB10 and Secured Android period !

    Powerful people depend on BlackBerry :

  • bambinoitaliano

    @Anthony I agree BlackBerry should have inform the customers about the launching of Berrydroid phone. My question is does the company ever had the chance to inform the customers when all the insiders, ex employees or current employees and whoever consistently leaking information before BlackBerry can officially announce anything? Just look at all the beta leak OS upgrade. Every BB10 phones being release always leak into the media and sites before the company get a chance to formally announce. Even the name of the new Berry droid phone. By the time BlackBerry is ready to formally announce, all the media and fanatics already predicting doom and gloom. Speculation spinning out of control. In the end people latched on to much disinformation and already formed negative impression. It’s like a dooms day cult waiting for rapture. When that does not happen they will predict another one until BlackBerry finally fold so they can claim, See! I told you so!

  • Trev

    Many of us make jokes about how iPhone users quickly line up to buy the next slightly enhanced iPhone, or how Android users dump their devices because the new one has better battery-draining processing power. Does the device they purchased last year work so poorly today that they so desperately need to update it already?

    Now, we see folks on the BB channels (and not just BBM, all channels; forums, blogs, social media…) making statements about how their BB10 devices are now worthless, how pathetic BB10 is, BlackBerry is dead – blah blah blah.

    I get it.
    BB10 over the next couple of years (Chen stated continued development of BB10. Is that a month, year, decade?) is in question. What device options will we have? It’s been so easy before, just buy a BlackBerry! Could our options really be down to just Android or iOS, or maybe Windows -now there’s an unstable ship.

    But here’s the thing.
    BlackBerry10 still works. It will likely work tomorrow, and next week, and next months, and next year. Will we be seeing lots of new updates and shiny new features? I doubt it. But unless there is some huge change in wireless tech, BB10 devices across the globe won’t just stop working on a certain date. I mean, unless there is some huge change in wireless tech, but there would be a lot more than BB users affected and in an uproar if that happened.

    I feel like with the slider Android announcement, many BB10 users are hurt that they may not have their “next shiny update” like Android and iOS users get. We’ve got time. BB has time. Let’s see what happens.

    In the meantime, I’m going to continue using my Classic, or my Z30, or maybe even my Z10, and see where everything goes. Whenever they can’t keep up with me and are looking like they will no longer work for me, then I’ll weigh my options.

    But for the foreseeable, BB10 will work for me. I hope that there will be a BlackBerry that’s still a security and messaging powerhouse when the time comes. I just don’t see the need to keep changing the next shiny thing.


    • Good reply! My Passport works just fine and I may buy a SE in the new year. I have another year before I could start looking for a new device.

  • newcollector

    Great article, Brad. Preach it!