Frightening Video of Phone Exploding in Pocket

A horrifying video appears of a phone blowing up in a mans shirt pocket.

There is a new video making it’s rounds throughout the internet, that should really make you think twice about the dangers of phones exploding. Exploding phones are nothing new. There have been stories of an odd battery explosion here and there since the advent of mobile phones. More recently, there have been some more severe issues than random phones.

Samsung went through quite an ordeal with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Due to faulty batteries, the device was recalled twice before Samsung finally just called it quits on the model, only to bring the returned phones back to market once again with new, safer batteries inside. While Samsung’s ordeal lasted months, iPhones have been exploding for years. While the issue is nowhere near as large as Samsung’s was, iPhones of every recent year have been exploding far too regularly. There have even been reports of the current iPhone 8’s battery expanding (but not exploding) causing the phone to split in two.

While we have heard story after story of phones exploding, it’s rare that we see it actually happen. There have been a few fuzzy videos, but I haven’t seen anything as clear and frightening as this current video.

The victim was an employee of a hotel in Indonesia. The employee is nearly perfectly framed in the video, and as you watch the video, you can see that he first feels the heat from the phone. As he is looking down into his shirt pocket and reaching for the phone, it explodes violently right in his face. Another employee provides assistance to remove his shirt with the still burning phone inside. We can only hope that the gentleman didn’t receive any serious injuries.

According to reports, the phone was neither a Note 7 or an iPhone. Instead it was a 2013 Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. This video should be required watching for those that downplay the dangers of exploding phones.

source: Business Insider


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