Free Easter apps for Priv


In celebration of Easter, BlackBerry is giving away some apps for the Priv!

Head over to the Google Play Store and check out Easter Egg Toss by fruityLABS, Swipe Easter Eggs by Tomato Game Studio, or Easter Bunny Yourself – 3D Fun by Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets.

Hold on now, we’re not done!

The good devs at AppTurbo are giving away an App of the day Easter Special offering an ad-free premium app each day until 28 Mar!

By now you’re thinking ‘My Priv is AWESOME’ – but wait, there’s more!

Every day you can go check out the App of the Day or App of the Night to download some premium app features!

So why not head over to the Google Play Store and fill your Basket with some goodies for your Priv!




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