Frederick Fisher Is A Troublemaker, And I Love It!


I love being a disrupter. I love showing people what can be done/accomplished when they thought something was impossible. If you pull it off correctly, people are left feeling educated, and happy/impressed.

Enter our intrepid hero of the day/week/month, Frederick Fisher.


Frederick is a pretty smart gent. He is the president of his LA based insurance consultancy firm and he knows what he wants. He gets his desired results with company wide BlackBerry 10 deployment.

As Inside BlackBerry found out in their interview with Frederick, a little education goes a long way.

You see Frederick purchased a BlackBerry Passport from Amazon. He then went in for a visit to his carrier store T-Mobile to get the widely acclaimed handset activated. And that’s where the fun starts.


Let’s see what writer Brea Watts pulls from an interview with Frederick.

Watts: I hear your Passport caused a stir at a T-Mobile store… 

Fisher: Many people have been shocked to see it and to find out that BlackBerry is still around.

After it was delivered to me from Amazon last fall, I took it to T-Mobile to have it activated. I nearly started a riot when I walked in the store. The manager was so impressed he nearly fell over!

My activation service should have taken twenty minutes, but I stayed in the store for an hour and a half so everyone could get the chance to play with it.

We even watched Passport videos on YouTube on the large display screens in the store – everyone was that captivated by it.

Dear John Legere,
Do you have any sales people working for you that can hold a candle to Frederick? Moving on…

I won’t quote the whole thing, but Brea asks pertinent questions:

Watts: Is there anything you can do with the Passport that you weren’t able to on other devices? 

Fisher: Yes, I can type accurately!

In general, I’m able to view and do more with the bigger screen on the device, and having Blend to file info on other devices is awesome.

Watts: How would you rate it? 

Fisher: 10 ++++

I LOVE this guy! I feel like we are brothers. Everywhere I go people see my Passport and I can’t help but show them the cool features, built-in apps for productivity, killer battery life, and access to more apps than you could ever need!

Speed, security, multitasking, best in class communications, apps galore, Frederick has it figured out.

All our BlackBerry 10 readers/users have this figured out.

Do you?


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