Reasons BlackBerry Hub+ on Android Beats Samsung Focus

Many reasons why Blackberry Hub+ is superior to Samsung Focus.

Blackberry Hub+ can be the go to communication and productivity app.

Hub+ available for more users: Hub+ runs on more than 3,000 smartphone versions including Android Lollipop and Marshmallow.

Hub+ offers more features that can make you productive: Hub+ features Password Keeper, Device Search, Launcher, and a lot deeper communications integration.

Hub+ connects you to various social media and communications channels. Hub+ can consolidate all your social media feeds (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.), not just email. You can track of all of your communications on a single smartphone screen, including text messages, BBM, phone calls, and voice mail.

Hub+ boasts even more features:

Support for multiple accounts

Dedicated conversation-view organization

You can file messages, sync folders, create or edit folders, right on the device

You get rich-text formatting for email/tasks/notes and S/MIME integration for more secure email

Essentially give your phone a productivity boost from BlackBerry®.

For more information check the BlackBerry Hub+ website.

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Kevin Button

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