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Autoloaders for (SW 908)
Using Sachesi does take a bit of time. Many like using an autoloader and starting fresh. Restoring media has never given me problems, restoring apps can sometimes create minor glitches. Restoring settings can be iffy, but I usually do it anyway. In the rare case it croaks, I just run autoloader and restore only media. YMMV.
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BTW, there is a Sachesi thread under BlackBerry Help with great instructions.
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Success! Running Did a custom restore just to see what happens. Thanks Guys! Time to sleep now. it is 02.07 A.M.
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Great. Update us later.
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(14-10-2014, 06:25 AM)SipoKapumba Wrote: Hello again UTB Team,
Any idea why this link!0ttRDRjQ!mOvx4-Q1gh...AbM3mkGw5B is asking for a decryption key? When I use this link!0ttRDRjQ!mOvx4-Q1gh...3mkGw5BNpw it is not asking for a decryption key. Are they the same? What is the key?

Thanks for notifying. z10 Link in OP has been edited.
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May have to delete links here to make room for newer 10.3.1 releases. Not a lot of traffic, so may not be a problem.
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