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Autoloaders for (SW 908)
Hello DLewis13,
So, you are saying that after backing up my device, I should run the autoloader for When that is done, I can restore my media? If I want to restore my apps, I should do a custom restore, being careful not to restore Android runtime?
The other stuff you mentioned, specifically: "Alternately, you can use the bar files for your Z10, use Sachesi to load non-destructively.
Load Core OS, let it reboot, load Radio file, let it reboot. Apps in 1st thread here, load them with Sachesi," sounds like advanced computing to me. I'm just an average Joe, who is non-tech.

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RE: Autoloaders for (SW 908) - by SipoKapumba - 14-10-2014, 06:17 AM

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