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Any Runners in the house?
You guys makes me feel like Jabba the Hutt.
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craving some pizza d'hut...
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Gearing up for the 5K tomorrow. Supposed to be in the mid to upper 30's here in the Windy City. Good thing I just picked up some running gloves at Costco last saturday.

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I've run the Peachtree Road race 10 yrs in a row. It's the world's largest 10k held right here in The Atl. My 10th (and last) was in 2008. I was in the midst of battling breast cancer and ran it bald headed (which was HUGE for me to do). When I was on my last 10th of a mile two ladies came running up beside me and said they were both survivors too and wanted to cross the finish line w/ me.

That finish line symbolized a lot more for me than my t-shirt was just around the corner (lol) it symbolized I was / am winning the fight. I cried like a baby when I crossed too. :D

I've run several 5k's and have won a few metals and plaques. Also did a half marathon.

Now I just run to keep slim and trim - no races since that last Peachtree. None can top that one anyway.

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