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Sorry Kevin. You are wrong. The good old days were never gone.
Yeah when it comes to tech, it's always in the making. Makes you wonder what other great ideas they got and got toss away.
Playbook>Bold 9900>Z10>Z30>Passport.
You're right Hurds. BlackBerry has always been here, it's just a matter of who followed the flock and who remained loyal and faithful.
As we move forward, folks are going to make the discovery that BlackBerry is on a roll and here to stay.
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy
And CBK will be in the Vanguard brandishing a gold iPhone...
Gonna have to change name to CrackiPhone or CrackAndroid,
they have totally lost it for BlackBerry.

(04-10-2014, 07:06 PM)Bigglybobblyboo Wrote: And CBK will be in the Vanguard brandishing a gold iPhone...
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy
You have to wonder with all those polls about phones BlackBerry is consistently ahead most of the time. Consider the consumers base is always dominated by android and ios , perhaps his other sites are not as populated and motivated as the orange site. He needed to transform and transfer some of the members over to get the same kind of passion and stimulation that is needed to boost the traffic.....
Playbook>Bold 9900>Z10>Z30>Passport.
The more I see of Kevin's actions, the more I see an opportunistic person that is not the BlackBerry fan that he portrays himself to be. I have no issues at all with people that use products of other platforms but taking a pre launch Passport to an Apple "event" and reducing it to a point and click camera was the final straw.
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Let's just say his passion has grown into a profitable business. Like any politician, one can't no longer run on a narrow platform. He has to cast a wider net to capture a wider audience. From a Blackberry fan he is now someone who embrace all platforms. Holding babies and planting trees are essential to be a high profile person. Especially your livelihood depends on it.
Playbook>Bold 9900>Z10>Z30>Passport.
His livelihood has been at the expense of the livelihood of a company that he aided in taking down. The livelihoods of so many affected by one troll hosting greedy nobody. He doesn't deserve a livelihood from this disservice off the backs of people who produce something useful with integrity and ethics. But blackberry is rising again in spite of him.
"But blackberry is rising again in spite of him."

Yes, and he and the rest of the gutter press will be there to claim their part in the 'miraculous resurrection'.

Remember the old saying; " Failure is an orphan. Success has a thousand fathers."
BlackBerry. Not just another i-toy.
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