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I broke the Bedside mode analog clock on my Passport.
I am not sure what I did. I think my installation of the Porsche clock bar file broke the analog clock on Bedside mode. I thought I can go into the BB 10 app manager look up the bar file to uninstall it. The closest one i see is the sys.clock which match the Porsche clock bar file version number but is under developer, permanent and terminate. I do not want to take a chance and permanently delete the clock that comes with Passport. I might try to reload it tomorrow see if it get rids of the Porsche clock bar file. I just want to know if the sys.clock is part of the Passport original file?
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Pull the bar out of what version os you're running then load it the same way .Robert has posted some tools in the os section of forum
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Bambi, Nik is correct. Here is the link for your sys.clock bar:
Just sideload it with Sachesi, it should overwrite the Porsche clock and put you back in business.
Unfortunately, alarm doesn't work well on BlackBerry except Z10 and rare others. Alarm always croaks.
Miss it myself.
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Thank you guys!!! You are the best!!
Playbook>Bold 9900>Z10>Z30>Passport.
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?Playbook>Bold 9900>Z10>Z30>Passport.
Caroline, welcome to the forums! Maybe you should head over to the introductions page. BTW, that's a similar path to mine. I had the Tour and Torch earlier.

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