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Android apps closing on their own
I've never been fond of Android apps, Amazon apps, etc. I'm more of the mindset that BlackBerry should have only native apps. To me that's the way to virtually guarantee that all apps will/should work as expected.

My issue right now is using apps installed via Snap. In particular, Instagram. The app installs fine and I can access my account. Albeit, the minute I like an image or comment, it closes the app.

This little feat of the app closing, even thought it has recorded the last transaction, is frustrating to say the least. I used to think this issue was just on my Z10. I've since tested this via my Q10 and now my Z30.

So, this begs the question, what causes this issue and how to resolve it?
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I own iGrann Pro, I was merely using Instagram as one example.
I haven't ran in to this yet. What OS are you running Navi?

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I had this happen when I was on 10.2.1 I don't remember which app(s) it was but I haven't seen it since going to 10.3

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I hate to say it. Some of the apps on Passport do behave that way. Native and androids. They either freeze or crashed. I suppose many are not optimized for Passport. Hope there's more software upgrade coming soon.
Playbook>Bold 9900>Z10>Z30>Passport.
One solution for Instagram was try a hard reset. Second choice was to uninstall, then install newest version. Fixed problem in most cases. I use IGRANN anyway.
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I had the same issue with some of my Android apps after I had upgraded to the same OS as you. The suggestion to reboot or to delete and reinstall worked for me.

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