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Alzheimer's Charity Walk
I get an error when I click on the link
Worked great for me, have popups blocked?

(27-09-2014, 04:01 PM)Nnik Wrote: I get an error when I click on the link
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy
So what was the take Brad?
Congrats Brad. See goal was $100 and so far you received $325.
Way to go!
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy
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My wife and kids and I did a walk last year with her work ( a senior care center). Unfortunately this year we have a previous engagement on the day it's scheduled in our area.
Apples...getting people in trouble since...well...the garden of Eden.
Yes! 325! Thanks guys! Amazing considering it was all in the last 2 days. Wish I would have signed up sooner, and plan on doing it again next year. I'll edit out the link above soon, as the time to donate for my walk is done, but it's an ongoing charity, and I'm sure if you'd like to donate, you can still do so.

Gimme my Passport!
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That would buy a lot of UTB stickers!

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