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You Know You're Old When...
I'm 44 now and over the last 2 or 3 years some weird things have started to happen which have slammed home in my face that my generation is pretty much past it in the eyes of those graduating to adulthood.

The usual 'You Know You Are Old When' is, of course, when policemen look like babies and you want to laugh at them rather than say 'yes officer, I'm very sorry for speeding' but here's a couple more:

When the mortgage company won't give you a 25 year mortgage anymore as that would take you over retirement age

When one of my builders asked me the other day 'I suppose it was like that for your generation? '

When you realise that smoking in a bar (what were they thinking banning it?) seems like an alien thing to do...
You're old when your chest hair turns gray.
You're old when the US President is younger than you.
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You know your old when you post all day and find it fun.
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When it hit me that when my recently born son is 16 I'll be 60...
When I post all day and find it fun...
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When you make popular cultural references of the time and everyone in the room has absolutely no idea what the hell you are talking about (as above)
When the senior discount is at 60, and you get it in your 50's.
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(21-09-2014, 08:02 AM)DLewis13 Wrote: When the senior discount is at 60, and you get it in your 50's.

Thank you for being a friend keep looping in your mind.
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