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miscellanous random thoughts
Have a thought or inspiration and can't find an appropriate category? Put it here.

Consider this your hub, personal news thread,your count up to five thousand thread your no category thread. Your recycling bin, your Mt Sinai.

Tonite I had to meet with a software developer who uses apple products because he develops for them. While he was here, his iPhone got a text message. It was the one I had sent him two hours previous. True story.
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huh count up to 5000...missed that. thanks BJ.

Lets start with some old N4 deleted thoughts.

I want to see the track pad and tool belt scrapped and see a Lenovo style track "what ever" (that little red track pad in middle of the keyboard) on a Q10.
Do I detect a little passive aggression? Nobody is taking away your outdated iPhone style glass slab Veeru. ;)
Empty head, still waiting for anything new. OS, phone, anything.
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Oh boy...wait until Moody sees this thread. It will be her home away from home.

"Encryption is the defense against the dark arts in the digital realm" - Edward Snowden
"Encryption is the defense against the dark arts in the digital realm" - Edward Snowden
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When Moody drops by, it will make for some interesting reading.
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SQUIRREL .......
You can have my Blackberry when you pry it from my cold dead hands! Mad
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Does nobody have any random thoughts around here? Where is everyone?
Not many random thoughts. Thinking gives me migraines. : )
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Does that mean most of us aren't thinkers around here?

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