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Would you share your banned story
Let me say that I have never been banned from any site. I am not trying to brag, just wanted to be clear where I am coming from. What I have noticed is that a number of contributors, bloggers, participants and members here seem to have endured the banning experience. That really surprises me, since everyone here seems to be respectful of others. Well except for that no longer a boy guy who thinks he is a genius. There seems to a well deserved universal distaste of him (this is where I clear my throat and spit).

I am not trying to be nosey, nor do I want to stir up painful memories, (this could be cathartic), but if you have been banned, would you mind sharing your perspective on what and why it happened? Would you do anything different?

Again let me share that I find it hard to believe you have been banned. So fire away. Oh if any mod thinks could end up being a bad post, ease feel free to delete it. Please don't ban me, but if you have to, I'll take my medicine and leave somewhat quietly. ;)
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There are a lot of us who went through that. In a way its opening up a can of worms for myself, so I won't speak for others. But I felt that injustice has been done. There is another thread, called "why other sites even behave..." that paints the picture quite well, although individual circumstances happened, and everyone has a different reasons and circumstances.

UTB is a reactionary result of it, when some of the founding folks here decided to stand up and walk away, rather than be willing dolls while the owner of the site profiteers from the incessant trolling and never-ending defending game some of us have to endure. Because the winners were not pro-BlackBerry users. It was the anti-BlackBerry trolls, and the site owners.

When I saw this community set up, it wasn't as radical as I would seem to perceive it to be. But the catch is simple, we don't troll people here, and we're free to speak minds. Unfortunately, some people who are from the other site, bitter by the very fact that this site was even up, decided to test the limits. The trolls got banned here, but not there.

When I was in the early days in this forum (which I'm not an early / founding member, just to clarify) I went back to non-USA-centric BlackBerry forums and was shocked that some communities only had 30-50 people forming up a community of pro-BlackBerry forumers in local regions. Where I lived, there used to be 3 groups, now only left one. What cemented the fact that this forum was far better than the other US-Centric-BlackBerry forums (more like the other sites are now BlackBerry troll forums) was we're willing to credit each another.

And the more I ran my rounds, the more it became cemented, this was a better place, and I wasn't going to be banned for doing what I'm doing now.

(To which, what I'm doing now would earn me probably a multiple perma ban suspension). Not to mention that I've been wronged by 2 mods, and none of them had the balls to even apologize (going to as far as passing the buck to a third PR-friendly moderator to do all that, which I felt was pure cowardice, improper, and downright unprofessional).

The only thing that struck me to your question is: Would I do anything different? No. Because I've been pro-BlackBerry (not exactly blind to the faults though) but its easy to be painted as "radicals", "cults", "nazxx" or something of that when we're a minority in a minority in a minority in a really big overall human race. (Human race to phones as phone users to BlackBerry user to pro-BlackBerry users)
I'm the UTB Godzilla.
Using the BlackBerry KEYone
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Simplest way to answer your question.....Defending BlackBerry was frowned upon and punished more harshly than bashing. The defenders were pushed out while bashers who cause drama and in turn more clicks and page views were left to roam free.
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I got banned at CB probably more than a year ago now, maybe 2.

I'm a big BlackBerry supporter. Sadly being pro BlackBerry at CB is considered being a troll.

Obviously things aren't simple. CB from its outset was for BlackBerry fans. But that all changed. Kevin fell in love with his iphone and BBs business strategy became widely criticized in the news, android and apple trolls blew up all over the internet and we're given a home at CB as CB believed the media hype, got carried away with their own hubris, thought they were doing something more than riding BBs coat-tails, didn't understand where the mobile market was going and what BlackBerry was doing and aimed at a new demographic of users. Damn those shiny gold iphones. Enough to distract anyone.

Thus the site where a BlackBerry fan like me would want to go and talk about how amazing a company BlackBerry/RIM is/was became a trolling cess pool for the other platforms. Since being proBB went against the new aim and majority of posters and new team of anti-BB mods a proBB person was then seen as a troll. (I think I got banned by howarmat - a guy was a massive troll in the forums and to what shouldn't have been a surprise, made a mod. Also could have been branta who in any other forum would be labeled a troll, but again a mod).

I obviously ruffled a lot of google and apple fans feathers but it was always backed up by logic but I was eventually banned for what any of the massive troll contingent gets away with there regarding BlackBerry and users on a daily basis.

You can go over there right now and see it.

Same thing seemed to be happening at N4BB but I got out of there on my own much sooner.

I'm glad the founders of this site have put in the hard work and created this site and it's awesome to have a BlackBerry community where you can actually be a fan and don't have click-bait driven massive egos steering the ship.
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Well said Hurds and true in every sense of the word. I was never banned but certainly reprimanded for staying facts as trolls got away with opinions as one I saw was a guy proclaiming the Z30 as the last device ever and when questioned, people got infractions. Clearly that moron was wrong and yet still spews his crap everywhere without question thinking he is some business genius when he's just another mother's basement dwelling troll.
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Thank you for the responses. I guess in just these few posts you have helped me to see that I really don't want anyone to have to relive what was probably a painful experience.

I think when the founder of the other site sold to a larger company, then it slow but surely started to become less of a BlackBerry follower site and more of a generic Mobile site. That meant the focus was divided.

I am thankful for UTB, it is a breath of fresh air in what has become a contaminated blog/forum field. Kudos to the founders and ease don't lose the focus. Always keep the main thing the main thing and I will be a happy and appreciative participant.

Frankly the blogs here are great. The humor and the wit plus the willingness to dig deep to find the truth in all the rumor monging and twisted reporting is greatly appreciated.

If a mod wants to close this thread that is fine. The responses already given speaks volumes. Thank you. I do apologize for opening up a can of worms. Please close it.
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No problem Newcollector. We will leave it open if anyone wants to chime in. If you really want it closed, just let me know.
Yeah, don't close this thread. I want to come back and tell my stories! Lol!
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(05-08-2014, 03:35 AM)Brad Wrote: Yeah, don't close this thread. I want to come back and tell my stories! Lol!

Stories, Brad? That must mean you have been banned out of a number of places. Maybe is should have encouraged for highest number of bans!

There was one thread on another site where the posters played the "banned game". I did get "banned" a number times there. It was a hoot.
Banned twice I believe. But it was a case of points adding up. First infraction, after weeks of being chased around the forums by Qbnkelt and Reneebob (yes, I'm giving names) I finally asked if they were the same person. Because they'd both swoop in and attack, no matter what forum I was in. Of course, infraction from Howarmat. Second infraction, Richardat made some horrible comments to another poster using the politically incorrect verbage for a special person. I came in and repeated what he said, word for word, but about his comment. Got 50 points for that, my comment deleted, and he was able to edit his to remove the offending verbage. Finally, after NJBlackBerry, and about 4 others spent literally 2 pages bashing and insulting a member, the 'better android than android kid' I went in and responded to every post they made. My answers were, unlike theirs, within the rules of CB. NJblackberry ended up giving out my twitter address, didn't know he cared so much to check up on me outside of CB, and I responded by leaving him a message on my twitter. Something along the lines of 'Don't worry NJB, you'll find someone to love you someday buddy' at which point Branta came in and banned me for 'trolling'

My last ban, wasn't too long ago, and it was because I signed it, and changed my Avatar to say UTB Brad. Now, obviously, the name UTB Brad is a dig at the blogger formerly known as CBK, but I was banned for using UTB. In the same thread James from Berryflow was using his Berryflow logo. Interesting no?

You also might be interested to know, the only person we've had to ban here is a CB mod who kept appearing causing problems all the while yelling at us on BBM. I've since deleted him from my BBM and while he's not permabanned here yet, I'm hoping he doesn't return.
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