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[rant] why BlackBerry cannot be so and so chinese vendor is a stupid proposition.
Just because BlackBerry has partnered with Foxconn, does it mean BlackBerry can go full retard and go the route of these chinese manufacturers? The answer is no. Here's why.

1. Just because some few companies do, doesn't mean they can.
- Xiaomi, Oppo, and some few other companies made it. They did it. But for every Xiaomi, Oppo, there are a lot of other companies that went down under. No, i'm not talking about big companies. I'm talking about small companies that tried climbing up that "king of the hill" battle.

Quick notes on history.

iPhone came out and everyone goes apeshit. Samsung comes along, goes with a spec wars, and then everyone goes apeshit with Samsung. While Samsung gloats with their S3 (remember the Olympics in England? Yeah, that's when they hit their peak), sometime that time Xiaomi just broke out with their highly anticipated Xiaomi 2, and then 2S. Then Xiaomi did something people did not realize (but Amazon was quick to catch on, and they did exactly what Xiaomi did) which was to play dumb at Google.

2. Android is customizable. VERY. To the point that hackers software engineers love it, because you can change it to do anything you want, as long as you invest your time to the code. Even quasi-pseudo-engineers/hackers love it. Yes, the feeling of "i'm in control of my Android device" (which is quite fake, by the way). And you can steal off Google, and pay not a single cent. Nothing. Especially if you're not in the handset alliance that was formed by Google. To a more American centric audience. How do you think Amazon makes money off its Android devices? if you can figure out the answer, let me point to you something. There's a quote that says, "there are xxxyyzz ways to skin a cat", right? So the problem isn't the destination, but what route you take. Amazon has one route. Now in China, these manufacturers take a different route, albeit there are similarities. Do you know what it is? No cookies for the correct answer, but you'll get the idea, how these manufacturers CAN make a lot of money. WOOPS, i nearly gave out an (not the, just an, out of plural ways) answer.

3. BlackBerry's OS involves a lot of licensing. From hardware to software, a lot of licensing. Some people call this stupid, some call it dead, but I'll say if its a must, its a must. People complain about Google being free, but they pay MSFT for every Android manufactured and sold. People complain BlackBerry doesn't have good camera. You know Time Shift?

BlackBerry has to pay a company (now part of Nokia / MSFT) for every BlackBerry 10 phones with Time Shift.

BlackBerry pays a licensing fee to Nokia for BlackBerry Link and BlackBerry desktop manager.

BlackBerry pays a lot of money to Adobe for all their products used in BlackBerry 10 OS.

and people cry (being stupid, idi****, imb***, whatever) about BlackBerry should have emulated the Chinese manufacturers since they have Foxconn.

Very confident gestures from "keyboard CEOs", but very little substance, and then these id**** go around crying "BlackBerry isn't innovative / competitive" and hurt the brand they claim they support.

Confident, but utterly downright stupid.
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I agree Badi. As to the licensing, well if BlackBerry didn't have these functions those same trolls would be complaining as to why they don't have them.
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