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anyone wanna play a game?
That was one dirty dog! She smells nice now though. Hope it LASTs....:)

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You guys are having issues if you think this thread will last.
Logic dictates, but reason rules... DM

Farts are just the ghosts of the things we eat...
Damn you wash that dog a lot lol
“Not all those who wander are lost.”
I dont think he really means washing his dog... last I heard he actually has a pet chicken (for real)... so he really is petting his wet... um "chicken" a lot I think
May not be my first rodeo, but there is a difference between being the clown and riding the bull.

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It's a random chicken! Not a pet! I don't even know where RC came from...

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That happened to me too... the thing just showed up and lived in my shed for 8 months. strange
Really!? Did it befriend your dog?? It's so weird. They hang out! When the dog is inside, the chicken comes and taps at the door. And then they follow each other around...stupid dog.

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No, no dog. But one day we put beer in the garden to get rid of slugs. We came home to a drunk chicken.
Would that be drunk or marinated?

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