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Dev Alpha X
Former N4BB members would remember I posted a thread on Z30 before the launch. My friend knew someone at top level in BlackBerry APAC region and he had the Z30 before launch. and Luckily I could meet him once and he let me play around with his phone. During our small Berrychat the guy was impressed by my love for BlackBerry and told me a secret. He said BlackBerry was building a device, slightly bigger than the music gateway, that can be hooked to any screen (via hdmi or RCA plugs sort of) and it could run windows, Linux or any other OS (QNX being the base of course) and with a memory of upto 1 tera bytes. He said they were planning to launch a dev alpha device to test it and will be codenamed X during the dev conference along with the Z30 launch. its basically a small computing power house. no need to carry laptop. But this was during Thor and after a short while, the company went under sale banner and things changed. Back then Thor believed in dumb screens. Now, this project might have been scrapped already. But what do you guys think? some thing like this would fly?

I didn't leak this info before coz, the guy who told me this didn't want me to talk about it any where. but now that it seems that project is dead and the guy no longer works for BB, theres no harm in sharing this info.
Wow! Sign me up!!
(16-06-2014, 02:26 PM)Brad Wrote: Wow! Sign me up!!

are you sure? I'm in dual minds here. I would rather go for something that has the same OS and UI as my BlackBerry. why would I need something to run windows or mac. unless of course it runs some specific programs like the office package.
(16-06-2014, 02:26 PM)Brad Wrote: Wow! Sign me up!!

Yeah sure you want it?
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Would this be a beefed up version of the BlackBerry Cyclone?
(18-06-2014, 01:22 PM)Trev Wrote: Would this be a beefed up version of the BlackBerry Cyclone?

Cyclone? never heard of it. can you please share some more info about it.
The Cyclone never made it to the consumer production level, but BlackBerry did make a few units that leaked into unofficial hands.

Basically it was a unit probably 3"x4" and 1" or 2" thick (judging from the few pictures I could find) that hooked into a TV. The interface, navigated by a remote but likely had an app for BlackBerry devices, was quite similar to the PlayBook.

A few of these were sold on eBay I'd guess within the last 6 months or so. I was hoping to see some YouTube videos pop of from the buyers but haven't yet.
I think the dev alpha X was more than that. it could run Windows, Linux and if im not wrong even mac OS. also had a memory of upto 1 terra byte. it was basically a miniature computer. now, I don't know if windows programs were run on top of qnx or the OS itself.
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nice.this information is very useful

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