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The real truth about Google+
For those who value their security and identity, this article is a must read. Especially for those who unknowingly trust their personal information to Google+.

Shortly after the launch of Google+ in July 2011, the real-name policy was introduced and was vigorously enforced. As a result, many accounts with pseudo names were automatically suspended and purged. As part of the "real name" enforcement policy, users of Google+ were required to use their birth or government ID names and when flagged, had to prove it by submitting official documentation as proof.

The whole purpose of this policy was to make it easier for Google, unknowingly to its customers to begin unifying its customers identities with its other services. This would essentially create a vast database containing not just a person's identity, but an entire profile which in turn could be monitized

Google began matching its user names, profiles and other information in the Android address books without their consent. When their latest Android version, "Kit Kat" was released in January 2014, Google+ integrated chat and SMS into "hangouts" without their customers knowing.

As a result, there were many Google+ customers, who had wanted to keep their identities separate for privacy, employment and other reasons suddenly found themselves exposed.

One lady who sent an SMS message to a co-worker suddenly discovered to her horror that he received a Google Chat message, revealing to him an identity that she never intended to expose. In reply to this incident, Google blamed her for "user error" for not knowing its policy. Below is her quote:

"Yep. KitKat outed me. If you and the recipient have android & you message thru Hangouts it sends a gchat even if you only have their phone #"

Here are a few quotes from the article

Quote:For LGBT, political dissidents, activists and at-risk people everywhere, Google's little Google+ project became a loaded gun pointed right at anyone whose privacy is what keeps them alive.

Users found out in January 2014 when Google+ force-integrated chat and SMS into "hangouts" in the Android 4.4 "KitKat" update.

At-risk users were disproportionately affected, most especially transgender people who needed to keep their identities separate for personal safety and employment reasons.

One woman was outed to a co-worker when she texted him, and risked losing her employment.

Google's response was that her outing was "user error" — Google blamed her, the user for not understanding the new, confusing integration.

Google customers with YouTube accounts were also impacted by this change as outlined below

Quote:YouTube got hosed by Google+.

On November 6 2013, Google changed its YouTube property to only allow comments from Google+ accounts, thus de-anonym zing commenters, as the principal element of its site-wide comments overhaul.

Google's war on anonymity imploded with this move to force Google+ — and its unwanted "real name" policy — onto YouTube users. The outraged YouTube community's anti-Google+ petition currently has over 239,000 signatures. The co-founder of YouTube slammed Google for forcing users to use Google+.

The whole point of the Google services, although free, comes at a cost. People who register with these services often find that their personal information, search habits and other information is data-mined, used and exposed without their consent. They essentially become the product.
So beware if you are using their services and intend to remain anonymous.
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Hmm, sucks if you're in China say encouraging the underground church.
Holy cow. Sadly people aren't aware of this. Thanks for the thread Web99. Sent to some fandroid friends of mine!
"If you can't soar with the eagles, then don't fly with the flock!"
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Awesome info web99 thanks!

Should be a blog post.
Que the standard fan droid reply: "I'm doing nothing wrong, I have nothing to hide... "
(24-06-2014, 04:27 AM)BB4tw Wrote: Que the standard fan droid reply: "I'm doing nothing wrong, I have nothing to hide... "

I always respond to that statement with...'Just a second, I'll log into your netbank interface and see if that's true.'
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