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Site Rules, here they are...
We've been very lucky up to now. People have been polite, and have been using common sense, which has made this aspect of running the forums unnecessary.

Our friend James has written these up for us, and we really liked them. So these are the rules we shall be living by in these forums. As always, things can change. We may need to add to these someday, hopefully we will never need to refer to them at all.

UTB Site Rules

UTB Blogs mission is to support BlackBerry’s success by maintaining a web portal for BB user-fans a.k.a., “prosumers” where BB fans may socialize, stay in touch with BB news and developments and help each other with technical issues in an environment distinctly pro-BlackBerry that does not allow for “trolling.”

UTB values BlackBerry’s success, and values any users, news outlets or other entities that like BB and want BB to succeed. UTB values professionalism and ethical and polite conduct from its management, contributors and members.

Being a “fan” site, meaning a site existing for people who like BlackBerry and want them to succeed, you can expect the following types of commentary here, comments as to:
1) as to why BB is a superior mobile computing platform.
2) as to why other platforms are inferior.
3) regarding media outlets, blogs, individuals, or other entities that provide news or opinions about BB that are deemed to be either
a. erroneous or factually incorrect.
b. spun negatively.
c. outright derisive.
If you suspect any of the above type of commentary may be offensive to you, this site may not be a good fit for you.

Anyone is welcome to participate in UTB forums and comment on blog posts as long as they register with the site. It is UTB’s goal to allow discussion and disagreement provided conflict is not created. At all times members should remain aware that this site exists for BB fans.

UTB reserves the right to withdraw privileges to comment or post on the site for any reason at any time. UTB management, administrators and moderators do not take lightly the withdrawal of a member’s privileges so, members should not expect this to happen provided they follow the following rules:
1) At all times, all members must respect others and treat them courteously.
2) “Trolling” shall at no time be permitted. Anyone caught trolling should immediately expect their privileges to be revoked permanently or for a specified amount of time. Trolling is defined as:
a. creating conflict through the use of derisive or inflammatory comments, OR,
b. creating conflict through consistently advocating a position contrary to the one that has been established in the thread.
c. starting threads that would be deemed offensive to BB fans
3) The use of abusive or inflammatory language shall not be tolerated at any time
4) Any expression of racism, or sexist or other prejudicial comments shall be grounds for immediate revoking of privileges
"If you can't soar with the eagles, then don't fly with the flock!"
This has been hijacked enough. Sticky and lock down before the objective is lost.
Simple rules to adhere to, common courtesy and common sense is the beginning, now let's leave the gloves off and the drama back in high school where it all belongs please.
Again, all are welcome and we'd appreciate a common levels of respect from all fans here.
May not be my first rodeo, but there is a difference between being the clown and riding the bull.

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