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Cant post comment
I'm logged into the UTB app site. But when I go to post a comment on a blog, it takes me to the browser site and says I must be logged in. And when I try to log in, it then says wrong username or password. Help!!!
Couple of issues at play here. Sorry. At this point we still can't comment through the app, so to comment it has to be through website, Brandon made a shortcut in app to take us to the website to comment. So you do have to be signed in at website.

Second, we still have not managed to combine the forum and blog logins. So, you need a separate login for that. Can be same login, just need to register separately.

Sorry for the troubles.
OK sounds good. I'll register on the website and the problem will be solved. Thanks again!!!
Ah that's the attitude Miker! Sorry for the inconvenience but glad you're willing to go through that extra step to be able to comment. :)
"If you can't soar with the eagles, then don't fly with the flock!"

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