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WhatsApp outgage

According to reports, the WhatsApp messenger service is experiencing a service disruption yet again, but on a global scale according to reports. People are reporting outages in Saudi Arabia, Greece, India, Pakistan, Mexico, UAE, United States, Brazil, Latvia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Bahamas, Jamaica, Germany, New Zealand, Venezuela, Egypt and Israel.

With WhatsApp being down, there is already an alternative to reach your loved ones and it is BBM. Not only is it reliable, but it is secure and have additional features such as voice calling between ios, Android and BlackBerry platforms. Glympse for secure location sharing and of course the best messaging service around.

This is yet another reason to download BBM today.

Edit: WhatsApp is slowly being restored.
Posted via my BlackBerry Priv.
Missed this but don't really use whatsapp. Thanks for the heads up.
Whatsapp has a twitter address just to keep you updated on outages. What does that tell you about reliability?
It was probably down while NSA made some routine maintenance rounds! :D
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