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How to build an Autoloader with Darcy's DBBTool
I actually built one! So exciting! Thanks Robert for the step-by-step!
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(22-08-2014, 11:58 AM)Robert Wrote: Thanks. Figured i might as well. I have been bombarded all afternoon on BBM with questions and requests.

Thank God I have a BlackBerry to help me keep up.


Hi Robert, I'd like to ask if I can build a non destructive autoloader in this way, can I?
my BBZ10 stuck on the loading screen and need a solution :((
An autoloader is *always* destructive by it's nature... If your Z10 won't boot past the loading screen, unfortunately you won't be able to run an autoloader anyway - DBBTool and Sachesi both require the device to be connected to (and therefore recognised by) your computer. Unfortunately, I believe this happens quite late in the boot up process.

If you've tried the suggestions offered in the other thread in which you posted about your issue, the only other thing I can suggest is trying to reboot your *computer* with your Z10 attached (this was suggested by Chaplain_Clancy).

Hope this information is helpful.
Autoloader connects with Command Prompt (DOS Box) and can usually connect to bootrom when nothing else can. It should work.
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Newest version:  Darcy's DBBTools
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Updated to
From Darcy's post to explain the changes, especially when getting an error for Wallpaper bar file.

OS means that you're installing an operating system or a radio and bar just means you're installing apps. OS mode always reboots the phone when the installation is complete no matter what was installed, so making sure to use OS mode only when needed is actually fairly important.

Until now that separation has always worked. But recently problems have been occurring with the installation of the wallpaper bar file. So I finally got around to doing some testing and found the solution.

When it's installed in bar mode it fails with the error "failure 850 execcmd(['/base/bin/umount', '-f', '/accounts/1000/shared/protected_media/wallpaper'], timeout=10) returns 1". When it's installed in OS mode (with an OS/Radio) it succeeds.

What we can take away from this is that in OS mode it's likely given higher permissions so does not fail. Either that or parts of the installation are potentially postponed and ran during the reboot when they can be ran without issues.

So in DBBTool and up an exception is now made - if the wallpaper bar file is detected it does the installation in OS mode. It will no longer fail, but as a side effect it'll also reboot the phone - after all files are installed.
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Starting at version 2.8 now works on Linux - and theoretically Mac too but I have no way of testing. Tested on Ubuntu 15.04 with Mono 3.2.8 and Mono 4.

V2.8.0.3 Latest Stable Version Requires .NET Framework 4.5+ for Windows OR Mono 3.2.8+ for Linux/Mac

Download from Dropbox

MEGA Mirror!JYUAyC4R!qXPS5D...PKzMXc8v4biVyg
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Darcy's DBBTools updated to
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Darcy's DBBTOOLS updated to version
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Newest update for Darcy's DBBTools is
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