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BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta Edition strikes a “Home Run” in Indonesia
Another report from Indonesia. BlackBerry has definitely hit a home run in Indonesia with the launch of the Z3. The lhaini blog is reporting that in just one location, the Central Park Mall, 873 BlackBerry Z3 devices were sold on day 1, 972 sold on day 2 and the retailers are hoping to sell over 1,000 units today.

With reports of strong demand, and all units sold out across Indonesia on the first day of the Z3 launch, it will be good to see what the final numbers are.

BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta Edition strikes a “Home Run” in Indonesia

Quote:BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta Edition officially launched last week (May 13th, 2014) at Ritz Carlton Ballroom Pacific Place, Jakarta. We recorded so many people, gadget freaks, want to have that kind of special product from BlackBerry. They said, "This is a smart breakthrough from Waterloo…" And enthusiasm flow like a river in Jakarta…

Completing the launching process, BlackBerry held a consumer launch and sales at Central Park Mall Atrium, West Jakarta (May 16th-18th, 2014) supported by carriers partner, authorized distributor, and banks.

Since the early first day of the exhibition, people storm the booth to purchased their BlackBerry Jakarta, data that we can get from the floor sales on day one (873 units sold) and day two (972 units sold). Constantly increasing since today is the last day for the exhibition all distributor's hoping can close this final day sales at 1.000 unit plus sales!

Lots of people keep guessing on how BlackBerry suddenly have a good device, but value for money and worth to buy, you may check our survey (in Bahasa) Here

Surprisingly this condition contradicted with the news said there's muted reception for Z3.

Until this article uploaded, we all still here companied by a 'Die Hard' BlackBerry fans who try to get more "juice" from this BlackBerry Jakarta. They claims that BlackBerry Jakarta is The "Must Have" BlackBerry device since its sleek, powerful and worth every penny.
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That's great news. Is that only one retailer numbers?
(19-05-2014, 01:59 AM)ray689 Wrote: That's great news. Is that only one retailer numbers?
That's my understanding. The numbers quoted are only from the Central Park Mall location in Jakarta.
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